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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


St. Mary's College 
Raleigh, N.C. 



The chapel's door is ususally darkened twice a week by most of us. It is at this time 
that we can all come together, away from the problems of the everyday hustle and 
bustle, to sing, pray for our own needs and the needs of others, and to spend some time 
just being quiet. 

Yet, others have found that the Chapel is a place whose doors are never locked and for 
them it has become a place of refuge; a place where they can spend time alone anytime 
day or night. 

The St. Mary's chapel not only survives as a national landmark but it continues to 
embody one of the oldest traditions of St. Mary's, the spiritual growth of the Individual. 
Ruth Barlow, Senior Warden 

Blow winds of change, forever on, 

Sail through the years and time; 

Remember moments come and gone, 

Take away the friends of mine. 

As I look back through all the years, 
I see how time has flown; 


Memories often bring on tears, 
How fierce the winds have blown. 

Perhaps I'll see again someday 
The friends that were so kind; 
Though winds still blow forever on, 
The memories all are mine. M.W.T. 




i 1 



In a grove of stately oak trees, 

Where the sunlight lies, 
Stands St. Mary's true and noble 

'Neath the Southern skies. 

Far and wide, Oh sound her praises, 

Chorus full and free 
Hail St. Mary's Alma Mater, 

Hail, all hail to thee. 







Mrs. Jane A. Rabon . 
Alumnae Director 

Mrs. Susan G&mexander 
Director of Admissions 



.to*- i 

Dean of the College's Office: left to right: Dr. Robert Miller, Dean of St. 
Mary's College, Miss Carol Taylor, Faculty Secretary & Housing Director, 
Miss Becky Perkins, Dr. Miller's secretary. 

Dean of Students' Office: seated, Mrs. Deborah Shelley, Miss Elizabeth 

B. Jones, Dean of Students. 

Development Office: seated left to right: Mrs. Susan Ross, Director of College 
Relations, Mrs. Jane Rabon, Alumnae director. Standing left to right: Mrs. 
Admission's Office: left to right: Mrs. Susan Alexander, Director of Sterling Remer, secretary; Mr. Henry Read, Director of College 

Admissions, Miss Lou White, Miss Ginny Godwin, tt Mrs. Marcia Development, and Mrs. Doris Parker, secretary. 



President's Office: Left to right: 
Mrs. Sorrell, Mrs. Faye Fussel, 
Administrative Assistant to the 
President; Mr. John T. Rice, 
President of St. Mary's College; 
Mrs. Grace Rice, First Lady. 

Registrar's Office: Left to right: Mr. 
Thomas Johnson, Registrar, Mrs. Betty 
Petway, Mrs. Carolyn Broun, 



Library: from left to right — Mrs. Mary Pearson, Miss Barbara Buescher, Mrs. Andrea New 

Brown: Head Librarian, Miss Sara S eagle, Mrs. Jean Plummer, Miss Donna Luceer. Doctor 

■ — ' 




V !» 

^■jv ™ 


1 m 

\ ■ 

v 1 

j *^n 

l*T t 


Infirmary: Mrs. Gladys Jones, Dr. Chauncey Royster, Mrs. 
Thelma Stone, Mrs. Lucille Woodard. 

■"■' 1 

Mercury' Management: Mr. Windel Crawley, Mrs. Carolyn Whitaker. 

Food Service: Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick, Miss Carol Engelmann 


Business Office: Left to right: Mrs. Nola Coggin, Miss Frances Vann, Mrs. Marjorie Maddrey, Seated: Mr. B.W. Conrad, Business Manager. 

Resident Counselors: Standing left to right: Mrs. Pearl Johnson, Cruikshank, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Duke, Penick; Seated left to right: Mrs. Margaret Gentry', Holt; Mrs. 
Bookstore and Post Office: Left to right: Mrs. Becky Barner, Heptinstall, Smedes: Mrs. Margaret Selph, Smedes. 
Jordan, Manager, Mrs. Emily Summy. 




,mcTwiceadav 3 
muTr 1 

5IN0LE ! 



*5S ^-^2ESQose-upicuddIe-ups ] 

a .-v.,.. - I can't wait to qrow up. But I love now.. 


.... at* 

nohdvenoihinqtohirif weekend tt 

nafhesicibuatabu : OJ, . . 

- monsr fffiMJ 

/mop *-™-"«J- 

Diane ton Fun!eib& 

SJade for- 

Florida « ac h oth. 
■ ioilysKin,"\-3r 



7 ; fV - #&* 



The English Department at St. Mary's not 

only instructs girls in the basics of "readin' and 

writin' but also introduces and explores the 

great classics in literature and the promising 

writings of more recent years. The students 

recieve great loads of work and pressure, but 

as one aspiring St. Mary's English student 

said, "This place gives you some background 

on the subject." This background is essential 

for students who continue their education as 

well as those who do not. 

Some comments from other girls include, 

"English proves to be a real challenge", "hard 

as hell". "Why me?", "Everyone keeps telling 

me I'm learning more here, but where did my 

"A" average go?" 

Mr. Tate, chairperson 

Miss Connelly 


left: Miss Benson 
below: Mrs. Gunn 

Mrs. Samson 











Dr. Quinn. chairperson of the music department, 
contemplates on where to begin. 

Music students listen attentively 

Mr. Callahan and students prepare for the play. 

Do you remember walking by the music 

building hearing the singing and the next thing 

you know your're in there singing. You actually 

sounded better than that girl singing beside you. 

How can we ever forget Mrs. Margaret Williams 

with her spinning wheel? Wasn't squashing that 

clay so much fun? 

Mrs. Adams always proud of her Art students, 

showing them off drawing on front campus! Oh! I 

can see those pigeons flying, squirrels climbing 

trees and ants crawling all over me. 

Mr. Callahan encourages students to assume 

leadership in dramatic activities and to develop 

self-confidence and poise. Each semester, several 

students participate with some professionals from 

the community. Thus the girls learn that the 

qualities most important to producing a play are 

co-operation and reliability. 

Mr. Windham gives a class lecture in music. 

Miss Thompson practices her music. 



Mrs. Adam helps Georgia Caudle. 

Phyllis Shaw demonstrates her artistic ability. 

Vickie Howard "wears" her artwork. 

Katherine Pate is being creative. 

* - 


Mrs. Williams, chairperson of the art department, explains The finished product, 
her assignment. 


Foreign Language 


Foreign Language 

Elizabeth Williams works in the language lab. 

Noel modeste 

Un petit ane pour tenir la promesse, 

avec des poules qui l'accueilleraient, 

avec un veau pour veiller son visage, 

avee nous paroles pour le rechauffer, 

notre silence overt pour le rechauffer 

une voix d'ange dans son oreille modeste, 

une croix noire sur son dos, de la paille 

un anon gris dans une etable pour nous sauver. 

Andre Frenard 
II n'a pas de paradis. 



Betty Smith concentrates 

Mr. Fish gives advice to a math student. 

Problem solving 

is hard work. 

f '1 


In addition to being the Dean of the College, Dr. Miller teaches Statistics. 

Mr. McRae writes problems and more problems. 



"At least two hours a day must be appropriated by every 
pupil, to active exercise in the open air. Five times round 
the grove, twice a day, will be deemed a fulfilment of this 

The above is a quote from "The Manual of St. Mary's 

School, 1857". 

Physical fitness is a must at St. Mary's these days. 

However a wider range of activities are offered to the 


Remember going to your first day of ballet: First 

position, second position, plie, port de Bras. Tendu, 

Degage, Soutenu . . . wearing black leotards and pink 

tights, No jewelry, hair is off the neck, and "Girls, pink 

ballet slippers only, I abhore black ones." We really 

surprised Mrs. Johnson by miraculously performing on 

Octoberfest with only two months training. 

Can't you see Miss Alexander getting more excited than 

the students about a good point made in volley ball or 

making a strike in bowling? 

Those swimmers really get some work accomplished 

while Mrs. Sappenfield is cutting up. 

Will Miss Jones ever give those tennis players a break? 

How can they study when they're half dead from staying 

on the courts 3/4th of the dav. 

Mrs. Sappenfield 

Miss Jones, chairperson 


Miss Alexander 


■il I 

Equitation Class 





The monster is my teacher 

I shall not pass. 

He maketh me face the blackboard. 

He destroyeth my love notes 

He maketh me quiet and 

taketh away my candy. 

He waketh me from my sleep 

and leadeth me to the dean's 

office for conduct's sake. 

Yea, though I walk through the halls of 

knowledge forever 

I fear the great evil — 

For I have forgotten my homework. 

His face redeems before me. 

He maketh me write 800 words. 

He filleth the blackboard with homework 

My notebook runneth over. 

Surely mishap and misfortune shall 

follow me all the days 

of my schooling and I shall 

dwell in the halls of this school forever. 


"Do not check your soul's flight, do not grieve the better promptings 
within you, do not dull your spirit with half wishes and half thoughts, 
ask yourself, and continue to ask until you find the answer; for one 
may have known a thing many times and acknowledged it, one may 
have willed a thing many times and attempted it, and yet it is only by 
the deep inward movements, only by the indescribable emotions of 
the heart, that for the first time you are convinced that what you have 
known belongs to you, that no power can take it from you ..." 



Mrs. Georgette Campbell — Biology 

Mr. Jim Appleton — Physics 


I III lis 

Mrs. Alice Greiner, Chemistry 


Remember your first day of Human Anatomy and 
Physiology class when Mrs. Campbell told you to 
memorize all 206 bones of your body by the 
following class! 

How about that first big Chemistry test that you 
stayed up all night studying for and still flunked! 
We shall never forget those ridiculous looking 
hard hats we had to wear to get in the pit hunting 
for 40 million year old fossils. That field trip was 
great if it were not for riding those buses to Aurora. 
Can you see Mr. Appleton playing with his 
motorized cars in the Physics lab, attempting to 
illustrate the principle of motion. 
Walking about one hour with Miss Ellington to the 
park was fun if we could find more than little 
Algae and a few mosses. All in all, the science 
courses are very interesting and you can learn a lot 
if you really put in the time that it takes to 
understand science. 

Hey, wonder who that was? 



Courses in the history of Western 

Civilization, of Great Britain, and of the 

United States trace the develpment of those 

traditions, cultural values, and the Institutions 

that are the basis of modem American life. 

Perspective is aquired through the 

comparison of our own traditions and history 

with those of other cultures through a 

fascinating course "Anthropology". 

Involvement with the community is the 

motto of die Psychology and Sociology 

teachers. Getting involved enables us to 

understand people and appreciate the impact 

of society upon our own behavior. Raleigh and 

the Research Triangle area provide great 

opportunities for volunteer work. 

If you have not chosen a course in U.S. 

government at St. Mary's, you have really 

missed the opportunity to examine and 

analyze modern political, economic, and social 

institutions — their origins, organization, 

strength and weaknesses. 

Mr. Roberts 

Mr. Butts 

Dr. Hume 


Mrs. Martha Stoops, college historian, with 
some of the materials used to write the 
history of St. Mary's — a lithograph 
depicting the arrival by stagecoach of the 
first students on May 12, 1842, a letter 
written in 1858 describing "the wild set of 
Chapel Hillians", a diary kept by a student 
during the tense days of April 1865 when 
classes and chapel proceeded as usual 
although Federal troops were camped in 
the grove, her notes on interviews with St. 
Mary's students from the 1880's to 1979 — 

Mr. Hudson 

Mrs. McNeill 




Fathers, brothers, and boyfriends certainly come in handy on moving day. ) 

Orientation week for the old girls was all routine, 
but the new girls saw it as a scary new experience. It 
was a hectic week: filling our forms, struggling 
through placement tests and buying very expensive 
books. Yet, after the chaos was over everyone could 
concentrate on the more enjoyable aspects of 
orientation: meeting your roommate(s), the first hall 
party. Big Sister-Little Sister picnic, the ice cream 
party, and most importantly making new friends and 
re-establishing old friendships. 

During orientation everyone moves back-even day | 
g| students. 



A Monday morning assembly started honor week off, with 
guest speakers who succeeded in implanting moralistic ideas 
within each and every girl. The first speaker was alumni Lane 
Turner. Throughout her speech, Lane's deep love and respect 
tor St. Mary's was evident, and yet some truthfulness in her 
statement "I cannot make you love St. Mary's, but I can hope 
for you that there is something within you for you to love. I 
can't insist that you respect this institution, but I hope for your 
sake there are qualities of self respect within you.", made 
students realize that St. Mary's would survive long after their 
departure. Ms. Turner made each of us realize that in order to 
love this school, we must love ourselves. Our own Dr. Werman 
followed this speech with a talk conscerning the Honor Code 
"The Honor Code is the one and only guideline you have by 
which to govern your own integrity, the only protection for 
your moral safety.'' This definition of the Honor Code provided 
a new outlook concerning St. Mary's rules; the rules here are 
not to hender us but to protect us from infringement by others 
upon our rights. Nancy Penick, the senior representative to the 
Judical Board, brought the assembly to a close with this remark, 
"The trust that St. Mary's puts in you, the student, will serve as 
a foundation in each and everyone's life as you travel and 
prosper throughout all of time.'' The old tradition of honor 
week received a boost when the faculty and S.G.A. members 
visited the halls reinforcing what the speakers had said. 
Hopefully, each and every girl will return to St. Mary's and 
Honor Week will continue to be a mark on the calendar. 




St. Mary's was honored by the 
presense of the academy award 
winning actress, Mercedes 
McCambridge. She won her academy 
award for her performance in the 
movie "AJ1 the King's Men." She was 
the devil in "The Exorist", and 
recently played a part in the popular 
television series "Charlie's Angel's." 
As a recovered alcoholic she lectured 
on her previous experiences with 
alcohol and the torment she went 
through in recovery from the disease 
alcoholism. Her lecture, entitled 
"Courage and Chemicals", touched on 
events from childhood to the present. 
Ms. McCambridge reminded St. 
Mary's girls that "There is no yellow 
brick road, no tooth fairy, no 
easterbunny," in life. She urged us to 
find solace in other people, not 
chemicals. The students awarded her 
with a standing ovation because (if her 
captivating speech. A reception 
followed the talk. 


Display panels 

prepared by 

UNC-Asheville, and on 

loan to St. Mary's spark 

discussion of Wolfe's 


Below: President and 

Mrs. Rice with Dr. and 

Mrs. John O. 

Fulenwider, Jr., 

founders of the Thomas 

Wolfe Collection. 

The Thomas Wolfe Fest 
1978, held October 1 and 2 in 
the Sarah Graham Kenan 
Library, was the fourth such 
activity since the establishment 
of the Thomas Wolfe Collection 
in September, 1975. Attended 
by St. Mary's students, faculty, 
staff, and Wolfe enthusiasts 
from throughout the U.S., the 
Fest included talks by Dr. C. 
Hugh Holman, Professor 
Richard Walser, collector Aldo 
P. Magi, author Carole Klein, 
Wolfe's cousin, Jim Wolf, and 
many others. Fred Wolfe 
charmed a large audience as he 
recounted stories about his 
brother Tom and his writings. 

The Thomas Wolfe 
Collection was founded in 1975 
by Dr. and Mrs. John O. 
Fulenwider, Jr. of Pageland, 
S.C. whose personal collection 
forms its nucleus. 
Supplemented by substantial 
gifts from Aldo P. Magi and 
Richard Walser, the Collection 
contains approximately 1500 
items, including first, variant, 
and foreign editions of Wolfe's 
works, letters, photographs, 
critical and biographical 
material, dissertations, 
pamphlets, newspaper 
clippings, and nonbook media. 
Recent acquisitions include the 
George McCoy papers and the 
Edgar E. Wolf papers. 

Thomas Wolfe Fest 


Carole Klein with prominent author of Wolfe re- 
lated books, Richard Walser. Below: Dr. Hugh 
Holman, noted Wolfe scholar and main speaker, 
meets Carole Klein. 








' «*--. 




Thomas Wolfe from the cover of "Time" compiled by 
Aldo Magi. 

"To every man his chance — to every 
man, regardless of his birth, his shining, 
golden opportunity — to every man the 
right to live, to work, to be himself, and to 
become whatever thing his manhood and 
his vision can combine to make him — 
this, seeker, is the promise of America." 

Thomas Wolfe 


Parents' Weekend 

Twas the night before Parents' Weekend 
and all through St. Mary's 

not a girl was stirring 

not even a fairy. 
The decorations were 
all hung with care 

in hopes that their parents 

soon would be there. 
The girls were nestled 
all snug in their beds 

while visions of bogs 

danced in their heads. 
And Dean Jones in her kerchief 
and John Rice in his cap 

had just locked us in 

for a long night's nap. 
When out on the grove 
there arose such a clatter 

we sprang from our beds 

to see what was the matter. 

Awav to the window 
We flew like a flash 

to see all the SAE's 

doing the 100-yd. dash. 
The moon on the breast 
of the new fallen snow 

gave luster of mid-day 

to objects below. 
When what to our wondering eyes 
did appear in the hedges 

but a minature KA and 

eight tiny pledges. 
With a chubby blonde driver 
So wild-like no other 

we knew in a moment that 

that it was a Brother! 
More rapid than eagles 
his courses they came 

and he whistled and yelled 
and called them by names 

Come Erica and Pg, 

Come Morehead and Dewy, 

come Cathy and Libby 

come Nathalie and Edie, 
Come Susie and Terri, 
come Sandra and Mary, 

and Frances 

and Nancy too. 
To the front of West Rock, 
to the keg by the wall 

"now drink up, drink it up, 

drink it up All!" 
Our parents they came, 
with a wink of their eyes, 

soon gave us to know 

we had something to dread. 
They spoke not a word 
but went straight to their work 

and grabbed all their daughters 

and gave them a jerk 
And laying their heads 
aside of the keg. 

we gave up knowing 

it was no use to beg 
They then sprang to their cars 
Dean Jones gave the sign 

and away they all flew 

all the parents in line 
And I heard them complain 
as they drove out of sight. 

"Happy Parents'" Weekend to all 

and to all a good nite." 

by: Lindsy Sloan, Rebecca Davis 


1st West Rock 







St. Mary's Applause 
production of the James 
Goldman play, "Follies", 
brought outstanding 
praise from the 
community' as well as a 
proud student body. The 
play was a revival of the 
Goldman — Soundhein 
broadway musical which 
centers around a 
nostalgic trip back in 

time with a backstage 
saga. The cast and 
director were praised by 
both the Raleigh Times 
and The News and 
Observer for their 
triumphant version of 
"Follies". Directed by 
Harry Callahan, the play 
featured a number of St. 
Mary's students and 
talented local actors. 


Child's Play: with an 
all girl cast 

Applause Inc., St. Mary's 
drama club, under the 
guidance and direction 
of Mr. Callahan, once 
again presented the St. 
Man's community with 
an excellent dramatic 
production. Robert 
Marasco's Child's Play, 
originally designed for 
an all-male cast, 
transformed to an all-girl 
cast filled by St. Mary's 
students, faculty and a 

guest performer. Child's 
Play tells of the conflict 
between good and evil, 
personified by two of the 
characters, and the 
resulting violence in the 
girl's school. It is a 
horrifying murder and 
possession story. The set 
was designed by St. 
Mary's technical design 
class with the assistance 
of Ms. Sue Frederei. 

' '"' •' - . / 












The Masquers Mime Company 
is a relatively new organization 
on St. Mary's campus. First 
organized in the fall semester of 
the 1977-78 school year, the 
mime troupe is proud of its 
progress. In a little over a year 
this club has performed and 
become known throughout the 
Raleigh school system. The 
mime company has also been 
invited to perform at church 
meetings, a Lion's Club 
meeting, and most recently at 
Holly Hill Hospital here in 
Raleigh. As far as on-campus 
performances, the troupe 
performed Oktoberfest 

weekend in both Pittman 
Auditorium and in the cafeteria. 
The biggest project completed 
thus far in the school year was 
the Christmas Show, "Shadows 
and Light." The show was a 
series of both group mimes and 
individuals, comical and 
serious. A great deal of work and 
determination went into the 
show, and the members of the 
mime company were very 
pleased with the results. The 
club plans to continue their 
work throughout the Raleigh 
area as well as future 
performances on the St. Man's 



B Hi 

I Vw 



This year, once again, 
the students celebrated a 
traditional St. Mary's 
Christmas. Each hall 
exchanged gifts in the 
annual "shell and peanut" 
fashion. Individual hall 
parties culminated the 
week as each girl guessed 
her secret shell's identity. 
Christmas trees decorated 
with homemade 
ornaments adorned many 

The Circle-Beacon 
sponsored Christmas party 
invited the entire student 

body to celebrate St. 
Mary's Christmas 
together, joining the 
students, many who were 
decorated for the occasion 
were Dean Miller, the 
Rices, Dean Jones and 
Santa Claus, who 
entertained the students 
by reading "The Night 
Before Christmas." As 
Always, the spirit of 
Christmas became 
personified through the 
traditions and students of 
St. Mary's. 


Summertime is 
Calling me 

The Freshmen- 
Sophomore 1979 was 
on Saturday, 
March 17. Each 
guest was 
greeted at the 
door hy Hawaiian 
girls and pre- 
sented with a 
lai around their 
necks. Soft 
breezes filled 
the rooms, warm 
sand and palm 
trees set the 
scene. All at 
once, it was the 

Catalina's, and 
Calling Me." 
This tribute to 
the Sophomore 
class will be 
a night remembered 
in the minds of 
all who attended. 
It was a moment 
in time that will 
last, and be 
rekindled forever 
in the strains of 
the happy theme 
song: "Summertime 
Is Calling Me." 


v 79 f 

May Court 1979 

Alice Smith — Queen 

" . . 

Left to right — ReRe Cheatham, Junior; Duvall Sehultz, Sophomore; Liza Ragsdale, 
Sophomore; Marian Green, Senior; Tricia Kelly, Senior; Sally Nowell, Senior; Terry 
Patrick, Senior — Maid of Honor; Alice Smith, Senior — Queen; Gray Clark, Junior; Sally 
Pelletier, Senior; Elizabeth Rasberry, Senior; Ann Sigmon, Sophomore; Cameron Smith, 
Freshmen; Janie Parker, Freshmen; Margaret Williams, Junior; Kea Capel, Junior. 




In view of this year's 
senatorial elections, St. 
Mary's College invited 
representatives from both 
political parties to present 
the students of SMC with 
the major view held by 
each candidate. 

Republican incumbent 
Jesse A. Helms was his 
daughter, an alumna of St. 
Mary's and his campaign 

manager. The opposing 
democratic candidate, 
John Ingram was also 
represented by his 
campaign manager. 

Both men provided 
information about their 
candidates and the 
campaign. They also gave 
students the opportunity to 
ask questions about their 
view points on major 
issues of today. 

Republican Senator 

than $6.7 million for a 

Jesse A. Helms easily 

two-year re-election effort. 

defeated John R. Ingram. It 

Ingram, the state insurance 

was a victory for the 

commissioner, spend 

nation's conservatives. 

$254,000 and has 

Helms received 54% of the 

repeatedly called Helms 

vote while John Ingram 

"the six million dollar 

had 46%. The Senatorial 


campaign of Jesse Helms' 

The above information 

1978 was the most 

came from the News and 

expensive in the nation's 

Observer and the Raleigh 

history, spending more 



Dorm rooms are not the bleak desolate 
places that many people make them out to 
be. In fact, desk tops and wallpapered 
walls often become the place where a girl's 
personality is exhibited most. 



'Please don't let me be so navoua 
When S xoet tlv ball for service. 

Give me sped aid sttviwtli unhaking, 
.Aceo and no dcuble- faulting. 

Jistill in me tlw skill and Ash 
Of Conncrs. f j\vr. X'rij and .Ashe 

Vhm a high lob starts to fall 
Musi 3 always miss tlv ball 9 

Cord J know ^you could. J'm sure, 
Jina me a Jennis flbow cure. 
"With your guidance from above 
.Never let me fall in 'love'. 

Aid. {prd while on matters of thte sort 
let mc find an open 





Every year a certain group 
of girls come to St. Mary's. 
These girls contribute 
something that helps St. 
Mary's grow; at the same 
time, they grow 
themselves. These girls are 
day students and are as much 
a part of St. Mary's as the 
boarders, and they do as 
much as they can to help 
St. Mary's. Fridays would 
not be Fridays if there 
wasn't one day student 
meeting which everyone 
arrives ten minutes late. 
One will always remember 
the cookies baking in the 
day student house at the 
last minute for the bake 
sale that day. And every 
day student will remember 

trying to find their phone 
message, along with fifty 
others, on the chalk boards. 
I know day students love 
St. Mary's as much as the 
boarders do. The day 
students will always 
remember how St. Mary's 
became a major part in 
their lives, and they 
became a part of St. Mary's. 

"Three little maids 
from school are we, 
pert as a school girl 
well can be, Filled to 
the brim with girlish 

Quoted from Sir 
William Gilbert The 


-^^^t^^if^^ Margie jJks^Trieia-Bwok^ftrtt^. 
ZTm^?" Howard, fgslre Close, Missy BeVWSsF 
C^aK^rT 6 " o-f e Nel ^' SC ° ttie EvanS - 2nd ™— Innie Mu£on> 

PoweM S,, r™ « ^c C r er ° n Smith ' Marfanna Pelte ' Ste P h -ie 
Lowell, Kendall Page, Susan Stanley. 

Kpo Vaeth — 
■section, Ann 1 


Jlie Lynch — assistant editor 


Patty TjJioiripsan, Mary Hugh 
Boylan ^-rohotographers 

Not pictured — Lisa 

Brothers, Spier Holloman, 

Helen Jones, Leslie Overton, 

Holly Prichard, Linda 


Special Aid — Mrs. Susan 


Faculty advisor — Georgette 




Every student at St. Mary's is a member of the 

Student Government Association. The officers are 

the governing body of this organization. Their 

objectives include maintaining discipline, 

encouraging school spirit and unity. The main goal 

of the SGA is to preserve the Honor System, the 

most important aspect of life at St. Mary's. 

1st row — Dottie Worsham — chairman of Hall Council, Martha 
Kornegay — Vice President of SGA, Elizabeth Rasberry — chairman of 
Judicial Board, Edith Wooten — President of Day Students, Sally 
Pelletier — Vice President of Judicial Board, Marian Green — 
President of SGA. 2nd row — Alice Smith — Secretary of SGA, True 
Davis — Underclassman Vice President of SGA. 

The Marshals consist of six elected members from the 
senior class. They usher in chapel and entertainments 
on campus. They are also responsible for maintaining 
order at student body gatherings. They serve at 
receptions for the President and as hostesses for several 
community functions. 


1st row — Windy Tillman, Terry Patrick, Pat Gentry 2nd row — Betty Smith, 

Tricia Kelly, Denise Landi 



The Judicial Board 
was primarily 
established to 
provide more 
coherence between 
penalties issued for 
various offenses. The 
Board was also 
established in hopes 
of strengthening the 
Honor Code as well 
as the disciplinary 
system of St. Mary's. 

st row — Janie Parker, Jill Turner, Liza Ragsdale. 2nd row — Mary Hughes Boylan, Elizabeth Rasberry, Sally Pelletier 

fatie Sewell, Debbie Bishop, Susan Fleming, Martha Komegay, Raine Gilbert, Marian Green, True Davis, Lanier Brown, 
3eth Gardner, Aura Bland, Cameron Smith, Regina Lazorik, Edith Wooten. 



The Order of the Circle is an organization whose 
purposes are to cultivate fellowship among 
students, to promote a hetter school spirit and to 
encourage a desire for participation in the college 
life at St. Marv's. 

Sally Nowell, President 
Tricia Kelly- 
Jane Hollinshed 
Mary Foy Ragsdale 
Leslie Overton 
Nina Dooley 
Windy Tillman 
Holden Anthony 
Elizabeth Rasberry 
Dr. Watson, Advisor 


The Beacon is the 

honorary organization 

within the high school 

department which 

seeks to promote a 

better high school 

spirit. It encourages 

cooperation in all 

phases of school life, 

and supports 

participation in 



1st row — Pat Lawrence, Anne Sigmon, Paige Brown, Gwyn Cooley. 2nd row — Sal 
Trent (pres.), Tricia Brooks (sec.) 

King ftreas.), Margie 

Phi Theta Kappa 

1st row — Dotty Worsham, Denise Landi, Marian Green. 2nd 
row — Sarah Perry Nancy Penick, 3rd row — Mindy Raymer, 
Debbie Fox, Regina Lazorik. 4th row — Windy Tillman, 
Margaret Longley, Tricia Kelly. 5th row — Susan Stanley, 
Martha Kornegay. 

"Solitude is as needful to the imagination as 
society is wholesome ior the character ' 

High School Honor 

Aura Bland, Margie Trent, 
Susan Schulken. Susan 
Flemraing, Sally King, (not 
pictured) — Tricia Brooks, 
Mary Allison Bunch, Heidi 
Moore, Sophie Peden, 
Duvall Schultz, Polly Ross, 
Mary Jo Wannamaker, True 
Davis, Carol Manning, l'ans 
Reeder, Ruth Turner. 
Hamilton Fish — advisor 

Dorm Counsel 

1st row left to right — 

ReRe Cheatham, Mary 

Foy Ragsdale, Dotty 

Worsham, Kathy Altizer, 

Elizabeth Williams. 2nd 

row left to right — True 

Davis, Hamer Dillard, 

Beth Watkins 

-v f i. 

The dorm council 

is composed of the 

chairman of hall 

council who acts as 

chairman and 



chosen by their 

dorm. The donn 

council deals with 

anyone who is late 

(over 5-minute 

grace period) up to 

two hours. 

Hall Counselors — 
"What would we do 
without them"!!! 

Halll Couhsel 


1st row — Dotty Worsham, Leslie Overton, Clayton Plumlee, Susan James, Nina Dooley, Molly Burton, Martha Komegay, 
Sally Pelletier, Ruth Barlow, Dana Darden. 2nd row — Jennett Carver, Pat Gentry, Beth Watkins, Beth Gardner, Beth 
Hemingway, Windy Tillman, True Davis, Mary Allison Bunch, Edith Wooten. 3rd row — Mary Adcox, Anne Jennette, 
Margaret Scott, Julie Ann Cook, Nickie Todd, Jane Hollinshed, Susan Stanley, Joan Andrews. Sherrill Cheatham, Luanne 
Reynolds. 4th row — Vicki Howard, Frances Parham, Tricia Kelly, Meg Brown, Betty Smith, Marian Green. 5th row — 
Heide Hooper, Lindsay Wilson. Regina Lazorik, Nancy Penick, Elizabeth Wilson, Susan Sargent. Elizabeth Rasberry, 
Alice Smith, Karen Dearing. left pillars — Fran Snyder, Kathy Spruill. right pillars — Pooh Herring, Molly Peebles, 
Kendall Page 




ft; ^K%^ !? T £?£MS 

The 4-year girls are 
composed of all St. 
Mary's girls who have 
attended St. Mary's 
since their junior year 
in high school. They 
will be gratuating this 
year as sophomores in 

1st row — Denise Landi, Jane Hollinshed, Margaret Barber, Molly Peebles, Sherrill Cheatham, Pooh Herring. 2nd 
row — Martha Kornegay, Joan Andrews, Mary Foy Ragsdale, Sally Pelletier. 3rd row — Kelly Fenn, Jennett Carver, 
Ruth Barlow, Luanne Reynolds, Susan Sargent, Anna Faircloth, Frances Parham, Annette Willey. 

1st row — Margaret Barber, Jennette Carver, Margaret Scott, Liz Johnson. Elizabeth Nimocks, Lindsay Sloan, Leslie 
Close, Ann Howard. 2nd row — Julie Williams, Lisa Move, Jean Stephenson, Elizabeth Wilson, Marina Lynch, Amy 
Johnson, Jean Carrington, Margie Johnson, Liza Ragsdale, Mary Foy Ragsdale. 3rd row — Meg Piner, Cameron 
Smith, Elizabeth Via, Melanie Hardy, Kate McCrary, Jean Marie Nelli, Elizabeth Patteson, Karen Apostolou, Ellen 
Rodman. 4th row — Mary Stowe, Boo Tyler, Jeannette Parott, Angela Patrick, Margaret Longley, Ann McAllister, 
Beth Gardner, Betty Smith, Sally Adcock, Mary Hughes Boylan, Mariah Pitt, Wendy Tillman, Susan James. 5th row 
— Kimber Sevison, Corbin Hogaboom, Lea Patton. Not pictured Martha Kornegay. 





Club consists of a 
group of girls 
whose mother or 
attended St. 

The Vestry is the 

student advisory 

body of the chapel 

and works under 

legislation passed 

by itself. The 

vestry is composed 

of high school and 

college students 

and functions 

under the direction 

of the Chaplain. 

The vestry plans 

special programs 

and engages guest 

speakers for chapel 


1st row, left to right: Melanie Hardy, Susan James, Mariah Pitt, Dana Darden, Scottie Evans, Agnes Stevens, 2nd row: 
Cameron Smith, Pat Lawrence, Elizabeth Patteson, Anne Smith, Amy Boyd, Julie Ann Cook, Ann Howard, Missy Basinger, 
Beth Gardner, 3rd row: Lynn Jones, Ginny Gardner, Ann MeAlister, 4th row: True Davis, Ann King, Janie Parker, Sarah Rice, 
Boo Tyler, Kimber Sevison, Vickie Collins, Jennett Carver, Sandy Stott, 5th row: Sally Nowell, Susan Schulken, Amy Adams, 
Margaret Barber, Sheila Farless, Mary Foy Ragsdale, Liza Ragsdale, Margie Johnson, Ruth Barlow, Betty Smith, Hope 
Saunders, Not Pictured: Laura Strater, Margaret Longley 

Membership for 

the Altar Guild is 

open to high school 

and college 

students. This 

organization is in 

charge of preparing 

for chapel services. 

They assist various 

committees in 

learning church 

service procedures. 

It is open to girls of 

all denominations. 

The chairman is 

appointed at the 

end of the school 

year for the coming 



1st row: Lanier Brown, Betty Smith, Kimber Sevison. 2nd row: Sandy Stott, Tricia Kelly, Natalie Johnson, Emmy Higgins, 
Kitty Stephenson, Elizabeth Davis. 3rd row: Kea Capel, Nancy Scott, Missy Bassinger, Rose Lynn Thomas 



The acolyte 
committee is 
composed of girls 
who assist the 
chaplain in 
weekly chapel 
services and 
regular Sunday 
Membership is 
open to all 
and students. 

1st row — Cameron Smith, Melanie Hardy, Seottie Evans, Martie Broadbent, Elizabeth Patteson, Ann Howard, Frances Wall, 

Rose Lynn Thomas. 2nd row — Ginny Gardner, Nancy Scott, Hope Saunders, Jennifer Cobb, Mariah Pitt, Lynn Jones, Julie 

Ann Cook, Any Boyd, Ann McAlister. 3rd row — Susan James, Joan Andrews, Jennett Carver, Margaret Barber, Kimber 

Sevison, Vickie Collins, Missy Basinger, Heide Hooper, Karen Dearing, Boo Tyler, Sarah Rice. 4th row — Anna Faircloth, 

Beth Gardner, Gwyn Cooley, Anne Jennette, Margaret Scott, Amy Elwell, Jill Turner. 5th row — Sandy Stort, Mary Foy 

Ragsdale, Stephanie Powell, Janie Parker 

The crucifers are made up of SGA officers, the President of 

the Circle, the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden who 

carry the cross during all the chapel services. 


1st row — Dottie Worsham, Elizabeth Rasberry, Martha Kornegay, Sally 
Pelletier, Sally Nowell 2nd row — Alice Smith, Marian Green. 3rd row — 
Ruth Barlow, Laura Strader, Margie Trent. 


Lay Readers 

Lay readers contribute in an 
important way to St. Man's life by 
participating in weekly chapel 
services. Their duties include the 
reading of the appointed lessons and 
leading the responsive reading of the 

1st row: Marina Lynch. Missy Bassinger, Laura Williamson, Kathy Altizer, Midge Leonard. 2nd row: 
Susan James. Sephanie Powell. Agnes Stevens, Natalie Johnson, Margie Johnson, True Davis, Liza 
Rags dale. 

Left to right: Susan 

James, Mary Foy 

Ragsdale, Mariah 

Pitt. Beth Gardner, 

Anne Smith, Dana 

Darden, Margaret 


Cup Bearers 

The cup bearers serve wine during communion and 
thev are a committee of the vestry. 


Project Committee — The project 
committee is the chapels way of 
getting involved in the community 
through such projects as the Red 
Cross Blood Drive, the adopted 
grandparents program and 
sponsoring activities for the 
Moorehead children. 

Ginny Gardner, Debbie Fox, Anne Smith, 
Jennifer Cobb, Shelia Farless, Hope 
Saunders, Marina Lynch second row: 
Charlotte Martin, Anne Faircloth, Joan 
Andrews, Jennett Carver, Margaret Barber, 
Pat Lawrence, Ann King, Missy Bassinger, 
Heidi Hooper, third row: Stephanie 
Powell, Ruth Barlow, Kimber Sevison, 
Vicki Collins, Scottie Evans. 

The Muse's projects 
for this year include 
poetry and prose 
workshops, reading at 
an Old Age Home and 
Elementary Schools. 
They also hold story 
hours with the children 
at the school. 

1st row — Denise Landi, Margie Trent, Mary Jacque Holroyd, Sandy Stott, Mary Alexander, Mimi Huff. 2nd row — 
Shawn Mcintosh, Carol Manning, Becka Caldwell, Susan Eddins, Jina Kettleson, Jennifer Cobb, Janet Castleberry. 


Coles Hines, Lynn Gardner, 
Sophie Peeden, Emy 

Under the 

Co-editorship of Leigh 
Barnhardt and Sophie 
Peden, The Belles 
relates campus news 
and events to the 
student body. The 
Belles also serves as a 
voice for student 
opinion and 



Chorale consists of a 

group of interested 

vocalists who perform 

at various school 

functions here at St. 

Man's. The purpose of 

Chorale is to give the 

girls an opportunity to 

perform while 

experiencing various 

selections of music. 

Ensemble is a select 

group of students who 

perform regularly 

during Tuesday's 

Chapel service. Each 

fall, these girls 

contribute themselves 

to the spirit of 

Oktoberfest by 

performing for parents, 

alumni and friends of 

St. Mary's. 

First row: Anne Smith, Kathryn Powers, Mimi Huff, Joan Andrews, Nicole Pediaditakis, Ellen Rodman, Amy Brier, Mr. 
Emmett Windham. Second row: Sally Nowell, Susan Holt, Blanche Gregory, Missy Berry, Jennett Carver, Rita Woltz, 
Anne Gilbert, Becky Caldwell, Sandra Ward. Third row: Midge Leonard, Marina Lynch, Margie Wilson, Fourth row: 
Clarkie Hichs, Windy Tillman, Janet Castleberry. 

First row: Mary Adcox, Ellen Rodman, Shelia Duffee, Janet Castleberry, Nicole Pediaditakis, Sally Nowel! 
Second row: Midge Leonard, Clarkie Hicks, Mary Foy Ragsdale, Becky Caldwell. 

Anne Gilbert. 


14 Strong! 1st row — Molly Burton, Luanne Reynolds, Lynda Catherine Homes, Kathryn 
Powers, Karen Dealing, Standing — Kathy Spruill, Clayton Plumlee, Ginny Gardner, Fran 
Snyder, Beth Hemingway, Jennett Carver. Sitting on Wall — Sally Adeoek, Jane Hollinshed, 
Windy Tillman 

The Seven Original Cold Cuts 1st row — Molly Burton, 
Lynda Catherine Homes. 2nd row — Jennett Carver, 
Karen Dearing, Luanne Reynolds. 3rd row — Fran 
Snyder, Kathy Spruill 

Cold Cuts . . . original 7 . . .14 strong . . . 
inductions . . . molasses and cream . . . 
Edwards . . . Get off . . . not green — pink! 
. . . Dean Jones . . . chug, chug, chug . . . 
gator . . . Misson Valley . . . fraternities . . . 
"Everybody" . . . hats . . . osk-kosh . . . 4:00 
. . . Jennette, please go to bed ... St. 


1st row — Pam Lewis, Joan Andrews, Polly Ross, Tricia KelK 
Stephenson, Susan Fleming, Tricia Brooks, Anne Sigmon 

2nd row — Kitt; 

The Letter 


Sea Saints 

1st row: Janie Parker, Patty Thompson. 2nd row: Ann Gilbert, 
Melanie Hardy. 3rd row: Ann King, Margie Johnson. 4th row: 
Jennifer Loser, Boo Tyler. 5th row: Mary Hughes Boylan, Susan 

Scottish Dance 

Front row: Carol Manning, Elizabeth Nimoeks, Rachel Jones. Second 
row: Marsha Currin, Lea Patton, Susan Sargent. Not pictured; Hope 
Saunders, Cathy Plummer, Cameron Smith. 

The Gille Callum Dance Group performs the 

traditional dances from Scotland. They are 

accompanied by bagpipe music, some time by live 

performers, and they dance on and off campus 

throughout the year. The Gille Callum Group, along 

with the Caperettes and Orchesis puts on a show in 

the fall and spring for parents and students. There are 

try-outs twice a year in which new members are 



Jean Mobley, Sandra Keese, Lea Patton, Evelyn Bruton 

First row — Pooh Herring, Pat Lawrence, Margaret Barber. Second row 
— Cindy Holland, Betty Lynn Walker, Lisa Moye, Duvall Schultz, 
Luanne Reynolds. 

Caparettes — The Next Best thing to the Roekettes!!! 




Applause, Inc. is the 

school dramatics club. 

It is open to everyone 

at St. Mary's interested 

in the theatre. Its 

members present two 

major productions. The 

first is presented in the 

fall, and the second in 

the spring. 

1st row — Re Cheathan (pres.), Janie Parker, Stephanie Powell, Mimi Huff. Mary Doris Dial, Angela Patrick Sarah Rice, 
Sally Kiny. 2nd — Mary Clyde Bridirers, Gwyn Cooley, Mary Jack Hallroyd, Nathalie Johnson, Kat Parmley, Julie Glover, 
Susie Belcher, Rita Woltz, Becka Caldwell. 3rd row — Lisa Nichols, Laura McConnell, Corhin Hogaboom Helen Jones, 
Amy Miller, Ann Howard, Rose Ann Mayo. Hannah Wood. 

The order of St. Genesius is an honorary drama club 

made up of those students who are active in all areas of 

the drama program here at St. Mary's. 

lulie Clover, Re Cheathai 



The Masquers Mime 

Company is a unique club 

in which interested 

students perform 

pantomimes with complete 

mime make-up. They 

perform for community 

organizations as well as 

doing performances on the 

St. Mary's campus. The 

company tries to share 

their interest in 

pantomime with others by 

following this definition of 

mime: "Pantomime is the 

art of creating something 

out of nothing." 

Standing — Laura McConnell, Helen Jones, Cathy Davis, Lisa Nichols 
Sitting — Corbin Hogaboom 

Gwyn Cooley, Mary Clyde Bridgers. 

The North Carolina Student Legislature is the 
oldest active student legislature in the 
country. St. Mary's has been actively involved 
in the organization for several years; however, 
this year the group was particularly busy. They 
co-sponsored a resolution with North Carolina 
State University: "Requesting newspapers 
and the media not to publish or braodcast the 
names and addresses of rape victims." The 
resolution passed unanimously. St. Mary's also 
hosted their first Interim Council, which was 
held in November. The Interim Councils are 
business meetings which are attended by 
students representing colleges all over the 
state; over 150 students attended, the 
meetings held on the St. Mary's campus. 

North Carolina 




1st row — Beth McConnell, Dawn Watlington, Elise Ward (chairperson). 2nd row ■ 
Milliehap, Kat Pannley, Mr. B.W. Conrad. 

- Denise 


German Club 

Under the guidance of Mrs. Haddon, the German 

Club holds monthly meetings. The meetings are 

usually informal chats in the German language. 

Past meetings have included: guest speakers from 

Germany, traditional German food, and at 

Oktoberfest the German Club performed two 

traditional German folk dances. Members consist 

of students in German classes. The German Club 

strives to unite the students with enthusiasm for 

Germany, the language, and the German 



1st row — Vanessa Barndt, Sandra Ward, Janet Castleberry, Cathy Gorham. 2nd row — 
Liz Dennis, Pam Lewis — tres., Polly Hudgins. 3rd row — Mary Clyde Bridgers — 
pres., Ingrid Haddon, Mary Stowe — activities counselor, Karen Apostolou. Not 
Pictured — Jennifer Lea — activities counselor, Elizabeth Wilson — sec, Mrs. Renate 
Haddon — advisor. 

1st row from left to right — Anne Gilbert, Carol Manning, Gwyn Colley, Cashie, Parrish, Sarah 
Dawson, Melanie Hardy, Cameron Smith. 2nd row from left to right — Nancy Huggins, Nancy 
McKenzie, Ruth Barlow, Eve Derreth, Amy Miller, Caroline Cockrell, Kaky McCabe, Boo 
Tyler. Marianna Peete, Rita Woltz, Susan Fleming, Susan Tolman. 

French Club 

Martha Broadfoot 



Wildlife Club 

The Wildlife club is in its 
second year here at St. 
Mary's. Among its 
undertakings is to provide 
food and shelter for our 
resident animal population 
and to encourage 
knowledge of our wildlife. 


left to right — Jennifer Cobb, Sally Nowell, Mary Foy Ragsdale, Alice Smith, 
Windy Tillman, Mary Clyde Bridgers, Anne Smith, Nancy Penick, Debbie 
Bishop, not pictured — Pat Hobgood, Ginny Edmundson, Leslie Close. 


The Ivey League is a new 
club which was formed 
this year. The club is under 
the direction of Martha 
Stoops. The club's purpose 
is to help unite students of 
St. Mary's and promote 
interest in the school's 
history. The club chooses 
members several times a 
year from the Smedes 

left to right — Foo Vaeth, Ann Holman, Lynn Gardner V.P., Hamer Dillard, Katie Seawell, Laure Redmond, Mary 
Clyde Bridgers pres., Lisa Nichols, Susan Hutchinson. Not pictured — Aura Bland, Heidi Moore. 


The purpose of the 

Watts Club is to try to 

promote a strong bond of 

care within the school. 

The club begins cheers 

and songs before each 

club walks to let 

everyone know of the 

event. At Christmas, the 

Watts travelled from 

dorm to dorm singing 

Christmas carols and 

wishing all a good 

holiday. This club is 

only open to seniors. At 

the end of the year 

juniors are picked to 

continue the SMC spirit 

for the next year. Their 

motto is an appropriate 

one: "WE ARE THE 


1st row — Sally Pelletier. Susan James. Dottie Worsham, Martha Kornegay, 2nd row — Vickie Collins, Molly Burton, 
Betty Smith, Laura Strader, Mariah Pitt, Susan Stanley. 3rd row — Kathy Rose, Joan Anddrews. 4th row — Alice Smith, 
Beth Gardner, Vickie Howard, Susan Sargent. Jennett Carver, Fran Snyder. 5th row — Elizabeth Wilson, Marian Green 


The Scoop Group at St. 

Mary's is made up of 

students from all 

classes. The main goal 

is to "scoop" around to 

see who will be 

inducted into the 

various organizations, 

especially the Order of 

the Circle. The Scoop 

Group also raises 

school spirit before 

each Circle walk. They 

walk approximately 

three times a year to 

acquire new members. 

At the end of the year, a 

new president is 

nominated. The Scoop 

Group will be seeing 

you "around". 

1st row — Alice Smith, Mariah Pitt, Ruth Barlow, Dottie Worsham. 2nd row — Kitty Stephenson, Marian Green, Martha 
Komagay, Jennifer Cobb, Lisa Brown, Pat Gentry. 3rd row — Jody Genet, Sophie Peden, Re Cheathan, Missy Berry 


1st row 

, Claudia Wooten, Cindy Holland, Molly Peebles (Madam Spider) 2nd row — Marjorie Fairey, 
Lauren Taylor, Snow Mason, Patty Pittman, Margie Johnson 


Spiders: "Any of 
numerous arachnids of 
the order of Araneae, 
having eight legs, a 
body divided into a 
cephalothorax and an 
abodomen, and several 
spinnerets that 
produce silk used to 
make nests, cocoons, or 
webs for trapping 
insects" The American 
Heritage Dictionary 


"With every regret we 
can't tell you yet" 

left to right — Molly Peebles, Elizabeth Williams (vice-president), Grace Brown, Liza Ragsdale (pres.), Duvall Schultz 

(sec), Lynn Lewis, Susan Fleming, Pooh Herring. 






* 7/ 


Swim and Diving Team 





I .,_ . 

This year 14 swimmers and four divers made up the 
1978-79 swim team. The team was coached by Mrs. 
Sappenfield with the assistance of Mr. Sappenfield. 
Despite the tough schedule the spirit remained strong as 
many girls broke school records. St. Mary's faced such 
schools as East Carolina, Pfeiffer, UNC-G, Applachian 
and Sweet Briar. Next year the St. Mary's sharks will 
strike for revenge as many old girls return to lead the 
school to a winning season. The members of this year's 
sharkes were: Ball Henderson, Kathy Altizer, Laurie 
Little, Barbara Pearson, Amy Adams, Marti Babb, Amy 
Boyd, Mary Hughes Boylan, Cathy Gorham, Ingrid 
Haddon, Amelia Henderson, Ann Hudson, Molly 
Longhome, Beth Mattocks, Stephanie Powell, Bonner 
Smith, Linda Steinberg, Kelly Womble. Captain — Kelly 
Womble, Manager — Mimi Huff, Diving Coach — Scott 


Tennis Team 

Talent was not scarce on the tennis team this year. St. Mary's was blessed with improved talent 
from the old girls on last year's team as well as new talent of the incoming girls. Comradeship also 
strengthened this year, and as each day progressed everyone got a little bit closer to one another. 
The tennis team for 1978-79 fall season was headed by the captain, Lynn Jones. The members on 
the tennis team were Nancy Burt, Holden Anthony, Warwick Moss, Elizabeth Hutchens, Grey 
Clark, Marina Lynch, Byrd Brett, Mary Jo Wannamaker, Buthie Turner, Valinda Dubose, Treva 
W'atkins, and Elizabeth Patterson. 

Competing with a variety of area colleges as well as larger colleges in North Carolina the season 
was a sturdy 8-5 record. At the end of the season the high school competed in the Independent 
N.C. School tennis tournament capturing the district title and respectfully placing 3rd in the State 
Tournament held at Bavenscroft. 


Basketball Team 

This years Basketball team is comprised of the High 
School and College sections of St. Mary's. Talent is on 
both sides and with the combination of the two the team 
is looking forward to a winning season. Along with the 
coach, Ms. Alexander, Joan Andrews holds the position 
of captain. The team play a mixture of both High School 
and College teams including Meredith, Mt. Olive and 
Hale High. Height and experience will be the assets for 
the team. The members of the 1978-79 Basketball team 
are Polly Ross, Kendall Page, Elizabeth Davis, Cathie 
Lee, Kitty Stephenson, Joan Andrews, Holly Prichard, 
Mary Jo Wannamaker, Blanche Gregory, Spier 
Holloman, Gray Clark, and Amy Bridger. 


Spring Sports: Soccer 

The spring Soccer 
Team began with a 
large turnout for 
the 1979 year. 
Under the 
coaching of Mrs. 
Sappenfield, the 
team faces such 
teams as: Hale 
High, Greenfield 
and Ravenscroft. 
Only in its second 
year of existence at 
St. Mary's the team 
is expected to have 
a good season. 

1st row — Dawn Watlington. 2nd row — Claudia Wooten, Lisa Nichols, Mary Bridgers, Sandy Sappenfield. 2rd row — 
Susan Fleming, Page Brown, Mary Wilcox, Lisa Moye, Kathy Spruill, Margie Trent, Stephanie Powell. 4th row — Anne 
Sigmon, Sally King. 

Intramural Sports 



Intramural Sports 





St. Mary's young 
intramural program is fast 
becoming a success. In 
addition to physical sports, 
such as basketball and 
volleyball, the increasingly 
popular game of 

backgammon was added 
this year. Intramural sports 
give participants a way to 
have fun and relax. Also, 
girls take pride in their 
dorm as well as their 











We, the<§enior Class of 1979, have 
enjoyed our year of service to our 
fellow classmates. Our projects have 
consisted of things like Traveling 
Trinkets, selling St. Mary's stickers, 
selling phonebooks, and sponsoring a 

Junior Class dinner. We had a 
Junior-Senior Dance in December and 
had a blast. 

The Class of 79 is a great class and 
full of spirit. Hopefully, the high spirit 
we have attained will remain within 

all of us Seniors, and will set an 
example for future Senior classes. The 
Senior Class has enjoyed its years at St. 
Mary's and can only hope that future 
classes will haye as much fun and 
happiness being here as we have. 



Holder) Anthonv 

Ruth Barlow 


Meg Brown 

Debbie Burnette 

Nancv Burt 

Mollv Burton 


Janet Castleberrv 

Hilda Cameron 


Jennett Carver 

Georgia Caudle 


Elizabeth Crouch 

Catherine Da 


Sheila Duffee 

Anna Faircloth 




Debbie Fox 

Sheila Farless 

Julia Foxworth 

Ellen Freeman 

Beth Gardner 


Pat Gentry 


Cynthia Harrison 
I'd rather be in Brevard. 

Lynda Catherine Homes 

Ann Howard 
Most Organized 


Anne Jennette 

Sandra Keesee 
President of Orchesis 



" . 

Martha Kornegay 





Tricia KelK 

Ann LaFar 



Denise Landi 

Margaret Longley 


Lvnn Miller 

Mar>' Morgan 


4 ? 

W- -V i' ;."«iii/- >» ■ 

v^ '■■.'■- •/•..* 41^* ^n 

Sally Nowell 


Patty Nilan 

i _ 

Leslie Overton 
"Big O" 

M Jill 

Frances Parham 

Kendall Page 
Jr. Class President 77-78 

Kat Parmley 


Tern- Patrick 

*T - '■" 


m^ ^1 


i ^ ^^k 

^m -Jr £ 




_^^n^H|£L <- ■ 

Sallv Pelletier 

Sarah Pen 

Nancv Penick 

Mariah Pitt 
President of Scoop Group 


Mindv Ravmer 

Luanne Reynolds 


Margaret Royal] 

Phyllis Shaw 


Julia Sherrill 

Anne Smith 

Fran Snyder 
"Bongo B.M." 

Bern- Smith 

Lisa Southern 


\__ lxd"; f 




Mary Craig Timberlake 



Nickie Todd 


Kathv Ward 

Elise Ward 
Yearbook Editor 

Beth Watkins 

Lindsay Wilson, Julie Ann Cook, Amy Boyd 
"Three's Company" 

Liza Wilcox 


Hand to hand, hoof to hoof, 
Sweep the floor, 

Elizabeth Wilson 

Raise the roof. 

Shout it high, shout it low, 

Come on Seniors, 
Please don't go! 

Dotty- Worsham 

'A Part of You, A Part of Me 

Every moment that we are together, 
I am learning something, and that 
Knowledge becomes a permanent part 
Of me. Though my feelings will be 
Different a year from now, part of 
The difference is you, St. Mary's. 

Because of you, I am a different 
Person, and the person I will grow 
To become with or without you by 
My side, will have gotten there 
Partly because of you. If you 
Were not in my life right now, I 
Could not be who I am right now. 
Nor would I be growing in exactly 
The same way. 

Much of what I grow toward and 
Change within myself, has to do 
With what I respond to in you, 
What I learn from you, what I 
Understand about myself through 
You, and what I learn about my 
Feelings in the dynamics of our 
Relationship. I do not worry 
About our future separation, 
Since we have already touched 
Each other and affected each 
Other's lives on so many levels 
That we can never be totally 
Removed from each other's 

A part of me will always be you, 
And a part of you will always 
Be me. 



Karen Apostolou 
"Beware Those Greeks' 

Dial Baker 
Bosoms "D" 


Aura Bland 

Byrd Britt 





ik ! 

* : JC>ti; v 


i ■•■>■* - -.~- 

Marv Clvde Bridgers 


\ \ 

Tricia Brooks 
alias "Margie" 

A: < 




Amy Brier 

Lisa Brothers 
"Two Ton" 


Becka Caldwel 

Gwvn Coole\' 


Lee Jan 



Laura Culbertson 

Elizabeth Davenport 

' ft! ..';' !j : v "' 



(if 1 1 

True Davis 

Elizabeth Davis 
"S.M.B.H. atD.H." 

Valinda DuBose 

"Bowling Balls" 




MeK Floyd 

Carla Freshwater 
"Mini Ha Ha" 


Tucker Gaddy 
"the Gang" 


■ : 

Ellen Fussel 
"Disco Queen 

Anne Gilbert 

Julie Glover 

Blanche Gregory 


Spier Holloman 

Ann Hudson 


Margie Johnson 
alias "Tricia" 

Ann King 



■Br* * ' **,."♦- l> •>\»* 

Pat Lawrence 

Lynn Lewis 



Jenny Lewis 
'Eight Meals a Dav' 

Pam Lewis 

Mary Anne McLaurin 

Snow Mason 


Beth Mattocks 
"Hev Darlin" 

Leigh Moore 
"The Gang" 


Lisa Nichols 
"Hey Ugly" 

Jennie Munson 
Photography Editor" 

Chrissy O Conner 
"Pav to the Order of Dominoes' 


Sophie Peden 

Lucv Peebles 
"This place is CRAZY' 


' /~ /.^w^ 

Liza Ragsdale 
Li . . . za "Roscoe" Rags . . . dale 

Ellen Rodman 
"21-38-500 shape' 



'•► ,: v 

Vf^F/ ^ 

Caroline Sanders 
"Where is Frogmore?' 

Duvall Schultz 


Lauren Taylor 

Margie Trent 
'Shine on Marg" 


Mary Jo Wannamaker 

"Jo the Cook" 

Sally Ware _ 
"Sandra Dee" 



M'l^ .:M 

Mary Wilcox 

Claudia Werman 

Elizabeth Williams 


Martha Woodson 
"The Gang" 

Edith Wooten 
"The Gang" 

Class Officers 

■ -? 

Michelle Zayton 

Quiet hour! Sex! Old girls! Boys! Boys! 

Boys! Let's skip! Happy hour! Party 

hardy! New girls! Check that one out! 

Get lit! Hi ya'lllllll! 

Freshman-Sophomore Dance! Phone 

Bill! We love the night life! Freshman 

initiation! Bye ya'lllllll! DIET! I'm so 

fat! Food! Food! Food! Tension! 

Exams! Teachers! Dates? Prep! Freak! 

Disco! Shattered! Beasts of Burden! 

New York! Bahamas! Sun? Lay out! 

Beach! Graduation! Never can say 



J. 35 

Good Bye, My Friend 

As I turn to say good-bye, my friend, 
I long to re-live all those times we shared together. 
Remember, Friend, those first moments, 
Those feelings of uncertainty, and, yes, over insecurit 
You, and I, were afraid, 
Afraid of venturing too far, too quickly. 
Yes, those first moments were cautious ones, 
But they were moments I'm glad I shared with you. 
Remember those first chapel services? 

You were sure everyone was looking to see if you did something wrong. 
My Friend, it was only you feeling that insecurity and unsureness 
For, looking back, it was that same chapel we went to for security and asurity. 
That chapel, like our friendship, became something special 
Special to you, and to me, though our reasons for it were different. 
We were separate people, you and I, sharing a common path, 
A path that was to lead us through alot together. 
Remember, Friend, when only a year ago 
Yes, just one year ago, you and I were mere freshmen. 
Ahead on that path we shared we could see 
That soon we would become sophomores. 
But oh the joy we experienced 

When, at last, we knew . . . we had become sophomores. 
The path we have shared 
Will be shared by us no longer. 
But, Friend, this doesn't mean 
That some day, we won't share another path. 
You must now follow your path 
And I must follow my own. 
Remember, Friend, all those weeks 
Weeks spent endlessly talking of the dance to come? 
Who shall I take? What shall I wear? 
Where shall we dine? Will I forget my ticket? 
These questions were often heard 
For excitement filled the air. 
At last the night came. 
It came and went all too soon. 
But still we had our beach weekends, 
Weekends filled with the beach, sun, and guys. 
Those weekends took us away from the fear, 
Fear of those exams soon to come. 
Those weekends and our friendship 
Helped us to take those exams and live on. 
Then came the time to celebrate 
Which guy would we call? 
Always, Friend, I shall remember, 
Remember how good a friend you have been to me. 
To think, here, here in Smedes our paths first met, 
And here, also, they shall separate. 
Parted our paths may be, 

Yet together you and I will remain in our memories. 
So Friend, the time has come to say adieu; 
Good-bye, my Friend, and I'll always remember you. 

Stephanie Powell 


Moving from Graduating 

to remaining 


SDH, Parking Tickets, Big 
Time, Fraternity Court, The 
Hill, Animal House, Shout, 
Junior-Senior, Wendy's, Boys 
on the Hall, Class Cuts, Livin' 
for the Weekend, Toga, 
"Saturday Night Live," Dates? 
Backgammon, Women in Love, 
I Keep It On KIX, Sure, 
Dominoes, the NoShowmen, 

Unlimited Chapel Cuts, Road 
Trips, The Beach, Car 
Shop — SMC Bank and Trust, 
Tippy, Fat Amnions, Diets, 
Clogs, Greece, Class Rings, 
Bad Checks, Soaps, WRONG, 
Football Games, Zacks, Get 
Wild! One more year to go. 

Lanier Brown 

) 10 

Kathy Altizer 

Phyllis Alexander 

Buff Arlington 

Lisa Bailev 

Missy Basinger 

Bridget Beasley 

Sharon Benton 

Missy Berry 


Marcie Bickerstaff 

Debbie Bishop 

if mm 

Elizabeth Blade 

Libbv Blum 

Laura Bowen 

Lamont Bover 

Mary Hughes Boylan 

Susan Bozarth 



-« o 





Martha Brinn 

Martie Broadbent 

Cynthia Brooks 

Rebecca Brown 

Lanier Brown 

Mary Allison Bunch 

Elaine Buxton 

Alison Camp 

Kea Capel 

Jean Carrineton 

Robin Cavan 

ReRe Cheatam 

Gray Clark 


Dede Ginger 

Jennifer Cobb 

Cary Cox 


Lainie Cox 

Michele Crisp 

Kelly Crouch 

Terry Dabbs 


Kay Daughtry 

Elizabeth Dawson 

Sarah Da 

Brent DuBose 



Betsy Durst 

Joni Eargle 

Amy Elwel 

Scottie Evans 


■»' * 

Kelly Feagans 

Megan Fix 

Debbie Ford 

Christie Frazier 



Deanie Freeman 

Jodie Genet 

Raine Gilbert 

Cathv Gorham 



Mary Beth Grace 

Buff Harris 

Eugenia Harris 

Ball Henderson 


,k ( 

Clarkie Hicks 

Emy Higcins 

Corbin Hogaboom 

Becky Holmes 

Sarah Holt 


Susan Holt 

Elizabeth Hutchens 

Dorothy Irvin 


Sandra Jackson 

Jean Jernigan 

Amy Johnson 

Elizabeth Johnson 


Linda Sue Johnson 

Nathalie Johnson 

Nancy Jones 

Rachel Jones 





Elizabeth Kellv 

Jina Kettleson 

Eve Killingsworth 

Beth Kunkel 


Leslie Lane 

Lynn Lankford 

Kelly Laughery 

Cathie Lee 





W^ ' t 

} ""' ^^ 

\ Jr 

m V 




Midge Leonard 

G. Lee Lewis 

Edie Lindsev 

Cissv Lofton 


Marina Lynch 

Sally Lynch 

Margie Manley 

Charlotte Martin 

Rose Ann Mayo 

Laura McConnell 

Tricia McLean 

i* A 

Terry McLennan 


Tricia Miller 

Denise Millichap 

Jean Mobley 

Susan Morrison 

Page Moser 

Warwick Moss 

Lisa Move 


Anna Mvatt 

Kathy Nanney 

Jeanne Marie Nelli 

Elizabeth Nimocks 

Helen Parker 

Lea Patton 

Lydia Payne 

Xandy Peete 


Cathy Plummer 

Carla Renegar 



s* «•< 

Kelly Rooks 

Betty Rosenbaum 



Elizabeth Rouse 






{Catherine Sawyer 

Nancy Scott 

Kimber Sevison 

Mary Keehln Sinn: 

Lindsav Sloan 

Colleen Smith 


Bonner Smith 


Elizaheth Smith 

Suzanne Smith 

Kitty Stephenson 

Agnes Stevens 

Jean Stevenson 

Debby Stockton 

Sandy Stott 

Susan Straight 

Patty Thompson 



Susie Thompson 

Cary Toledano 

Jill Turner 

Karen Turner 

Missy Underwood 

Carlisle VanMeter 

Sara Vestal 

Gwvnn Walker 

Frances Wal 

Garland Waller 

Carolyn Walser 

Dawn Watlington 

I ickie Whisnant 


Valerie Wiggins 

Julie Williams 

Laura Williams 

Margaret Williams 

Kelly Worable 

Hannah Wood 

Katie Zevenhuizen 

Kim Zollicoffer 


St. Mary's 

Looking Back 

A pair of portraits bound by paper chains 
Within a book constrained by lock and key 
Half-names and partial features still remain 
Like cardboard ghosts without identity. 
Ironic youth reflects from long dead eyes 
That lived and laughed a hundred years ago; 
While years of days forgotten vaporize 
As unremembered as the melted snow. 
If memory forgets their yesterday, 
Then images of captured time remain. 
Perpetual faces always young and gay 
Will never age, will never suffer pain. 
All that I know of them is what I see. 
In years to come, someone will question me. 

Agnes Stevens 
(1st place Poetry, 
1978 Muse) 





Randy Baker 

Vanessa Bamdt 

Susie Belcher 

Amy Bridger 

Bosemarv Blackburn 

Susan Broaden 

Cathy Call 

Caroline Cockrell 

Gina Conner 

Marsha Currin 

Cathv Davis 

Eve Derreth 

Mary Doris Dial 


Kellv Dickens 

Hamer Dillard 

Patti Drake 

JoElIen Finch 

Valerie Fountain 

Lvnn Gardner 

Lisa Gattis 

Suzanne Greer 

Kathy Hafer 

Melanie Hardv 

Amy Harris 

Leigh Ann Haynes 

Amelia Henderson 

Ann Holman 

Mary Jaeque Holroyd 

Polly Hudgins 

Nancy Huggins 

Martha Hutaff 



Susan Hutchinson 

Carmen Kluttz 


j**- V 


Tanva Ives 

Carol Kozma 

si i 

Annetta Jones 



Jennifer Lea 

Helen Jones 

Nancy Lyday 

Cindy Machen 

Linda Marshall 

Kakv McCabe 

Kate McCrary 

Valerie McCraw 

Re^an McLemore 

Jayne Mercer 


Amy Miller 


Conley Miller 

Susan Miller 

Jenny Nuckles 

Treva O'Leary 



Sandra Moore 

> iLL 


Michelle O'Neal 

Missy Nelson 

Kathy Packer 

Janie Parker 

Jeannette Parrott 

Angela Patrick 

Elizabeth Patrick 

Elizabeth Patteson 

Barbara Pearson 

Marianna Peete 

Stephanie Powell 


Valerie Purdie 

Laure Redmond 

Sarah Rice 

Katie Seawell 


Cameron Smith 

Ann Speer 

Mary Ann Stoffel 

Erwin Stokes 


Mary Stowe 

Boo Tyler 

Foo Vaeth 

Elizabeth Via 


Treva Watkins 

Karen Wheeler 

Terri Wilkinson 

Lee Williams 


1st row — Elizabeth Patteson, Vice President; Cameron Smith, President. 2nd row — Jeannette Parrott, Tres.; Sara Rice, Dance Marshall; Annette 
Jones, Sec. 



Mr. and Mrs. Conrad talk with two faculty 
members following Ms. McCambridge's talk. 


Fortunately for the students at St. Mary's the faculty and staff consists of many outstanding individuals. Each member 
contributes significantly to the life and growth of the girls at St. Mary's. To dedicate a yearbook to every staff and 
faculty member at once would be impossible. However, this year, tradition aside, to honor both the administration 
and the faculty, the STAGECOACH is being dedicated to two members of the St. Mary's community. 

One is a twelve year member of the faculty. Her honors are numerous; and her love and admiration for this school is 
enviable. She handles a full teaching load in the biology department, is very active on the hospitality committee, and 
arranges flowers for every event. Yet this year she added a new branch to her activities. The same love, attention, 
patience, and dedication which she exhibits in the classroom, was given to every staff member as she helped us 
through the struggle of putting a yearbook together. She even cared enough to attend a summer workshop devoted to 
yearbook issues. She was always there, and full of boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm and perserverence. 
The STAGECOACH office would never have stayed neat if Mrs. Campbell had not been there to coach us and 
organize us. She bonded everyone together even during times of turmoil. 

Another member of the St. Mary's community, an administrative member, helped Mrs. Campbell with this 
tremendous job. Although his name and position are not as widely known among the student body, his presence and 
work is expressed in everything which happens here at St. Mary's. Mr. Conrad is the business manager and has been 
at St. Mary's since 1972. His computer mind and his inexhaustible supply of patience and understanding is evident in 
the many successful programs, publications, and organizations, as well as the business structure of St. Mary's. He is 
always there to listen, to help, and to guide. His actions are like those of a secret Santa. He takes the wishes of the 
students and, if acceptable, he provides a means for allowing their existence. 

Although Mr. Conrad's forte is business not education, during his six years at St. Mary's he has broadened his 
knowledge to include an understanding of student life. So much so, that he was chosen by the members of the 
NORTH CAROLINA STUDENT LEGISLATURE to be their faculty advisor. Together with Mrs. Campbell the 
1978-1979 STAGECOACH developed. His unquestionable trust in the abilities of others makes it impossible for 
people to put in less than their best. 

Together, these two people, Mrs. 
Georgette Campbell and Mr. B.W. 
Conrad, in their diverse ways inspired 
the love and hard work which went 
into this year's STAGECOACH. 
Because of their separate but equally 
important contributions not only to the 
STAGECOACH, but to their own 
positions and fundamentals here at St. 
Mary's, the 1978-1979 edition of the 
STAGECOACH is dedicated not 
singularly, but jointly, to them both. 


Adcock, Sally 925 Cleveland St., Apt. 229, Greenville, SC 29601 

Adcox, Mary 2315 Gunston Ct, Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/484-1218) 
Alston, Kate 980 Meadow Lane, Henderson. NC 27536 919/438-3253) 
Andrews. Joan P.O. Box 357, Bethel, NC 27812 (919/825-4301) 
Anthony, Holden 211 Marlborough Rd., W. Palm Beach, FL 33405 

Barber, Margaret 3724 St. Marks Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-3250) 
Barlow, Ruth P.O. Box 30638, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/781-9754) 
Barnhardt, Leigh 3504-D Colony Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/365-0398) 
Barr, Claire 2715 Loch Lane, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0499) 
Bass, Melanie 4304 Long Branch Trail, Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/876-8691) 
Boyd, Amy 1200 Northampton Rd., Petersburg, VA 23803 (804/732-3095) 
Broadfoot, Mop 214 Devane St., Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-2348) 
Brown, Meg 1407 Wales Dr., High Point, NC 27260 (919/887-1341) 
Bruton, Evelyn Box 546, West End, NC 27376 (919/673-1541) 
Burnette, Debbie 2001 Fairview Way, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-6690) 
Burt, Nancy 1618 Lowell Lane, Albany, GA 31707 (912/435-3086) 
Burton, Molly 838 Westmont Dr., Asheboro, NC 27203 (919/625-5456) 
Cameron, Hilda 404 W. Renovah Circle, Wilmington. NC 28401 

Carver, Jennett 1600 Sycamore St., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-9203) 
Castleberry, Janet Rt. 8, Box 284, Sanford, NC 27330 (919/775-3728) 
Caudle. Georgia 2110 Gillette Dr., Wilmington, NC 28401 (919/763-2596) 
Cheatham, Sherrill Rt. 9, Box 324A. Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-5525) 
Close, Leslie 9204 St. Marks PI., Fairfax. VA 22030 (703/591-5034) 
Cochrane, Beth 420 Dogwood Trail, Rt. 9, Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Collins, Vickie 8727 Scenic Hills Dr.. Pensacola, FL 32504 (904/476-1191) 
Cook, Julie Ann 919 Hendersonville Rd., Asheville, NC 28803 (704/274-0709) 
Crouch, Elizabeth 1001 Jefferson Dr., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/364-0441) 
Darden. Dana 5306 Holly Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (804/428-8458) 
Davis. Catherine 3907 Foxcroft Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0100) 
Dearing. Karen 15 Grimball River Rd., Savannah, GA 31406 (912/355-5986) 
Dennis, Liz 1309 Woodland Ave., Johnson City, TN 37601 (615/929-3012) 
Dooley, Nina 2320 Red Fox Trail, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-6311) 
Duffee, Sheila 917 Cardinal Circle, Florence, SC 29501 (803/662-0578) 
Edmundson. Ginny Rt. 1, Box 56-C, Oxford, NC 27565 (919/693-2913) 
Faircloth. Anna 103 Cedar Lane, Clinton, NC 28328 (919/592-2957) 
Farless, Sheila Rt. 1, Merry Hill, NC 27957 (919/356-2132) 
Fenn, Kelly 1017 A.P. Hill Rd., Chatmoss Village, Martinsville, VA 24112 

Fox, Debbie 300 White Oak Ct., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/484-0496) 
Foxworth, Julia 97 Church St., Charleston, SC 29401 (803/577-3782) 
Freeman, Ellen 671 Lakeview Dr., Henderson, NC 27536 (919/438-6338) 
Galbraith, Kitty 51 Oakleigh Lane. Maitland, FL 32751 (305/644-5726) 
Gardner. Beth 743 Myrtle Rd.. Charleston. WV 2.5314 (304/346-7883) 
Gardner, Beth 3820 Woodlawn Rd., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-5236, 
Gardner. Ginny 116 W. Church St., Edenton, NC 27932 (919/482-3458) 
Garrett. Cooka P.O. Box 608, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/758-5214) 
Garwes, Boom 40 East 45th St., Savannah, GA 31405 (912/236-0887) 
Gentry. Pat 507 Woodvale Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 (919/292-5425) 
Green, Marian P.O. Box 125, Robersonville, NC 27871 (919/795-4676) 
Harrison, Cynthia 805 Shady Lawn Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Hemingway, Beth P.O. Box 211, Bethel, NC 27812 (919/825-4401) 
Herring, Pooh 504 Coharie Dr., Clinton, NC 28328 (919/592-4161) 
Hobgood. Pat 119 White Oak Dr., Henderson, NC 27536 (919/438-4555) 
Hollinshed, Jane 3208 Glasgow Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/484-3529) 
Homes, Lynda Catherine 308 Villa St., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hooper. Heide 2216 Gillette Dr., Wilmington, NC 28401 (919/763-6915) 
Howard. Ann 1340 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/333-6317) 
Howard, Vicki 216 York Rd., Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-4107) 
Hyatt, Jennifer Rt. 1, Box 369A, Whiteville, NC 28472 (919/642-7111) 
James, Susan 2625 Carmel Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0233) 
Jenkins. Tricia 68 King St., Charleston, SC 29401 (803/723-6387) 
Jennette. Anne 907 Raleigh Rd., Wilson, NC 27893 (919/237-4901) 
Jones. Lynn 835 W. Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro. NC 27408 (919/273-1008) 
Keesee, Sandra 1401 S. Ocean Blvd., #1005. Popano Beach, FL 33062 

Kelly, Tricia 127 Dobbin Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-4513) 


Kornegay, Martha 7709 Charleston Dr., Bethesda, MD 20034 (301/469-6787) 
LaFar, Ann 203 West 11th Ave., Gastonia, NC 28052 (704/864-2884) 
Landi, Denise Rt. 4, Box 3-L, Mebane, NC 27302 (919/563-1395) 
Lazorik, Regina P.O. Box 187, Mt. Olive, NC 28365 (919/658-5220) 
Longley, Margaret 2525 Mimosa PI., Wilmington, NC 28401 (919/763-8266) 
McAlister, Ann 1911 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/364-2626) 
McConnell, Beth Rt. 9, Box 484, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-4060) 
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Murdoch, Katherine 229 West Bank St., Salisbury, NC 28144 (704/636-2794) 
Nilan, Patty 3597 Rembrandt Rd., Atlanta, GA 30327 (404/231-2238) 
Nowell, Sally 6 Cedar Island, Wilmington, NC 28403 (919/791-0280) 
Overton, Leslie 529 Avondale Ave., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-2048) 
Page, Kendall 629 Totten PI., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919/942-6023) 
Parham, Frances 403 College St.. Oxford, NC 27565 (919/693-6919) 
Parmlcy, Kat 1916 Winterwood Rd., Florence, SC 29501 (803/665-0245) 
Patrick, Terry 412 N. Jackson St., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919/734-6150) 
Peebles, Molly 110 E. 5th Sr., Lawrenceville, VA 23868 (804/848-2349) 
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Penick, Nancy 1808 Lafayette Circle, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/446-6925) 
Perry, Sarah 2707 Kittrell Dr., Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/782-1365) 
Pirf, Mariah 2018 Pinewood Circle, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0906) 
Plumlee, Clayton 2134 Norton Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/334-8439) 
Powers, Kathryn 413 Dabney Dr., Henderson, NC 27536 (919/438-7071) 
Ragsdale, Mary Foy 329 East Main St., Lake City, SC 29560 (803/394-3348) 
Rasberry, Elizabeth 111 Salem St., Wilson, NC 27893 (919/243-5902) 
Raymcr, Mindy 330 Mitchell Ave., Statesville, NC 28677 (704/872-2292) 
Redding, Robin 2650 Winslow Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Reynolds, Luanne Coharie Acres, Clinton, NC 28328 (919/592-3708) 
Richter, Hilary Rt. 4, Box 306, Wake Forest, NC 27587 (919/556-1163) 
Rogers, Leeny Rt. 1, Latta, SC 29565 (803/752-5267) 
Rose, Kathy 28 West Woodrow Ave., Belmont, NC 28012 (704/825-5311) 
Royall, Margaret 4700 Carter Hill, Columbia. SC 29206 (803/787-8699) 
Sargent, Susan 3300 Milton Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-1148) 
Scott, Margaret 104 Country Club Circle, New Bern, NC 28560 

Shaw. Phyllis Rt. 1, Small Acres, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (919/330-4239) 
Sherrill, Julia 1718 Roslyn Dr., Columbia, SC 29206 (803/787-3868) 
Smith, Alice 208 Belvedere Ave.. Shelby, NC 28150 (704/482-1562) 
Smith, Anne 12 Colonial St., Charleston, SC 29401 (803/723-2324) 
Smith, Betty P.O. Box 754, Whiteville, NC 28472 (919/642-2380) 
Snyder, Fran 712 Dover Rd., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/275-2082) 
Southern, Lisa 1524 Northwood Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24503 (804/384-3751) 
Spruill, Kathy Rt. 1, LaGrange, NC 28551 (919/56&4814) 
Stanley, Susan 409 Pilot Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/485-5534) 
Sfone. Gina 404 Wildwood Ave., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/977-0784) 
Strader. Laura P.O. Box 2195, Burlington, NC 27215 (919/584-6441) 
Tillman, Windy 404 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919/942-5068) 
Timberlake, Mary Craig 312 Woodlawn Dr., Lexington, NC 27292 

Todd, Nickie 22 Cedar Lane, Cornwall, NY 12518 (914/534-7608) 
Ward, Elise 307 North Main St.. Louisburg, NC 27549 (919/496/5666) 
Ward, Kathy 1901 Myron Dr., Raleigh, NC 27607 (919/787-7503) 
Watkins, Beth 3609 Lantern PI., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-7896) 
Wilcox. Liza 2314 Sedley Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/364-6250) 
Willey, Annette Rt. 1. Gates, NC 27937 (919/465-8359) 
Wilson. Lindsay P.O. Box 737, Lincolnton, NC 28092 (704/735-2286) 
Wilson, Elizabeth 3508 Winstead Rd.. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-2860) 
Wilson, Susan 330 Circle Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-0078) 
Worsham, Dotty Baylor School, Chattannoga, TN 37401 (615/267-0708) 


Alexander, Phyllis 1941 Georgia Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Altizer Kathv 680 N.E. 30th PI., Boca Raton, FL 33432 (305/395-6042) 
Arringron, Buff 2131 Cowper Dr., Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/782-0881) 
Aycock Hassell 100 May Blvd., Farmville, NC 27828 (919/753-3928) 
Bailey, Lisa 7251 Lasater Rd., E.. demons, NC 27012 (91^66-5084) 
Basing Missy 2007 Hawthorne, Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/272-0592) 
3 Bridget 110 Birch Grove, Spartanburg, SC 29302 (803/585-1326) 
Benton Sharon 1416 Westchester Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610 (919/834-1527) 
Berry Missy 3832 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0147) 
Bickerstaff, Marcie 2868 Andrews Dr., N.W., Atlanta, GA 30305 

Bishop Debbie 7 Greenhill St., Charleston, SC 29401 (803/723-2025) 
Blades, Elizabeth 1925 Rivershore Rd., Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

(919/335 7355) 
Blincow Leslie 'l03 Rockingham Rd., Greenville, SC 29607 (803/277-0296) 
Blum L.bby 3928 Nottoway Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-2203) 
Bowen. Laura 4649 Polo Rd., Atlanta, GA 30339 (404/351-6443) 
Bayer, Lamont 230 Ridgewood Dr.. Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919/734-2853) 
Boylan, Mary Hughes P.O. Box 4148, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Bozarth Susan Rt. 1, Midway, KY 40347 (606/846-4171) 
Brinn Martha 210 N. Front St.. Hertford, NC 27944 (919/426-5696) 
Broadbent, Maroe P.O. Box 4097 Lexington, KY 40504 (606/2.54-6502) 
Brooks, Cynthia Rt. 1, Box 311, Oxford, NC 27565 (919/693-6766) 
Brmcn Lisa Box 788, Pinehurst, NC 28374 (919/295-6694) 
Brown, Rebecca 1011 Riverside Blvd., Lumberton, NC 28358 (919/739-2091) 
Brown, Lanier 303 Meadowbrook Terr., Greensboro, NC 27408 

Buneh Mary Allison 3409 Ocotea Dr., Raleigh, NC 27607 (919/782-56.50) 
Buxton Elaine 222 Kelso Ct., Cary, NC 27511 (919/467-6059) 
Camp Allyson 13 Trinity Dr., Lumberton, NC 28358 (919/738-5434) 
Capel', Kea 333 E. Chestnut St., Troy, NC 27371 (919/576-2881) 
Carrington, Jean 5100 Matthews-Pineville Rd., Matthews, NC 28105 

Cavan Robin 65 W. 55th St., Apt. 8-A, New York, NY 10019 (212/581-7216) 
Cheatham Re Rt. 9, Box 324A, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-5525) 
Clark Gray P.O. Box 1138, Tarboro, NC 27886 (919/823-8468) 
dinger Dede 2712 Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 23220 (804/355-0539) 
Cobb Jennifer 350 Tennev Cir.. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919/942-3597) 
Cox Cary Rt. 8, Box 435, Raleigh. NC 27612 (919/787-6011) 
Cox Lainie P.O. Box 1238, Tarboro, NC 27886 (919/823-2211) 
Crisp Michele 6904 Tanbark Way, Raleigh. NC 27609 (919/876-1876) 
Crone/. Kelly 1095 Andrews Farm Rd.. Spartanburg, SC 29302 (803/583-0044) 
Dabbs Terry 1907 Carmel Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-3292) 
Daughtry Kav 1412 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919/734-7510) 
Davis Rebecca 3907 Foxcroft Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-0100) 
Dawson Elizabeth 33 Church St., Charleston. SC 29401 (803/577-6794) 
Dawson Sarah 302 Isabel St., Greensboro, NC 27401 (919/275-0302) 
DuBose Brent 16 Fort Royal Isle, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 (305/565-4021) 
Duke Leigh P.O. Box 10766, Raleigh, NC 27605 (919/876-2973) 
Durst Betsy 2823 Ridge Rd., Durham, NC 27705 (919/489-8884) 
Eargle Joni 1642 Heatherlock Dr., Gastonia, NC 28052 (704/864-5509) 
Early Caroline 114 N. High St., Lincolnton, NC 28092 (704/735-2639) 
Ehvell Amy 354 Twin Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29302 (803/582-3072) 
Evans Scottie 3818 Regent Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-2721) 
Feagans Kelly 1042 Greenway Ct„ Lynchburg, VA 24503 (804/384-3270) 
Fix Megan 1604 Dogwood Ln„ Lynchburg. VA 24503 (804/384-3395) 
Floyd Sissy 427 Woodvale Dr., Florence, SC 29501 (803/662-5101) 
For<i Debbie 1318 Winstead PI., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/272-7464) 
Frazier, Christie 403 Kimberly Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/275-1080) 
Freeman, Deanie 224 Country Club Dr., Greenville, NC 27834 

Genef Jodie 124 North Main, Marion, NC 28752 (704/652-5904) 
Gilbert Raine P.O. Box 64, Havre de Grace, MD 21078 (301/939-3190) 
Gilbreth Rebecca 430 Maybank Hwy., Charleston, SC 29412 (803/795-3091) 
Glover Ann 401 E. Liberty St., Williamston, NC 27892 (919/792-1866) 
Gorham Cathy 185 Gunston Dr., Lexington Park, MD 20653 (301/863-6734) 
Grace Mary Beth 2231 Thornridge Rd., Charlotte, NC 27609 (704/364-7539) 
Haddon, Ingrid 1061 Shelley Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-5765) 
Harris Buff 431 Marlowe Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-1871) 
Harris, Eugenia Rt. 3, Box 593, Henderson, NC 27536 (919/492-1526) 
Harriss, Mary 510 Dogwood Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919/967-2786) 

Henderson Ball 3809 Alston Rd., Columbia. SC 29205 (803/787-1569) 
Hicks Clarkie 900 Harvard PI., Charlotte. NC 28207 (704/333-1915) 
Higgins Emv 221 H.llcrest Dr., High Point, NC 27262 (919/883-7047) 
Hogaboom , Corbin 1510 W. Market St., Greensboro. NC 27403 (919/272-0847) 
Holmes Rebecca P.O. Box 415, Asheboro, NC 27203 (919/625-1536) 
Holt Sarah 150 Ellerslie Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/867-6472) 
Holt Susan 915 Fitts St., Sanford, NC 27330 (919/775-4054) 
Hutchens. Elizabeth 1315 Greenway Dr., High Point, NC 27262 

Irvin Dorothy 803 Hood PI., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/272-0041) 
Jackson, Sandra 104 Lord Ashley Dr., Greenv.lle, NC 27834 (919/756-2018) 
Jernigan, Jean 2126 Hamilton Dr., Apt. 1A, Newport News, VA 23602 

Johnson, Amy Rt. 2, Benson, NC 27.504 (919/894-3434) 
Johnson, Linda Sue Rt. 2, Box 314, Benson, NC 27504 (919/894-4424) 
Johnson Nathalie 1906 Fairview Way, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-0769) 
lohnston Liz 118 Oakwood PI., Lynchburg, VA 24503 (804/384-8619) 
Jones Nancy 1319 Kimberly Rd., New Bern, NC 28560 (919/637-9928) 
tones' Rachel 3713 Lubbock Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-5366) 
Kelly Elizabeth 415 Wavberry Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/489-7977) 
Kettl'eson, Jina 6 Busbee Rd., Asheville, NC 28803 (704/274-0343) 
Killingsworth, Eve 77 E. Andrews Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 30305 

(404/233-4698) „-,„.. 

Kunkel Beth 3909 Trent Pines Dr., New Bern, NC 28560 (919/637-6884) 
Landi, Helen Rt. 4, Box 3-L, Mebane, NC 27302 (919/563-1395) 
Lane, Leslie 3616 West Ridge Cir. Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Lankford Lyn 505 Laurel St., Emporia, VA 23847 (804/634-2735) 
Laughery Kelly 150 Hunter Hill Rd., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-6778) 
Lee Cathie 1018 Cliffwood Dr., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (803/884-4345) 
Leonard Midge 43 Carolina Trace, Sanford, NC 27330 (919/499-6730) 
Lewis G Lee P.O. Box 134, Gatesville, NC 27938 (919/357-1023) 
Lindsey Edie 700 Maple Dr., Griffin, GA 30223 (404/227-5210) 
Little Laurie 211 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/272-0093) 
Lofton Cissy 734 Cherokee Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/372-0167) 
Lynch 'Laura 4903 Morehead Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-2428) 
Lynch Marina P.O. Box 182, Washington, NC 27889 (919/946-7802) 
Lynch Sallie 905 Arbordale Dr., High Point, NC 27260 (919/886-4049) 
Manley Margie 24 Tiffanv PI., Savannah, GA 31406 (912/355-5733) 
Martin 'Charlotte 500 Pollock St., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/523-3536) 
Mavo Rose Ann 223 Church.U Dr., Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-1164) 
McConndl Laura Rt. 9, Box 484, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-4060) 
McLean Patricia 1824 Wilkins Dr., Sanford, NC 27330 (919/775-3666) 
McLennan, Terry 4411 Atleigh Ct., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-8249) 
Miller Tricia 4008 Brownstone Cir., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2519) 
Millichap, Denise 2521 W. Meredith Dr., Vienna, VA 22180 (703/938-7854) 
Mobley Jean 103 Overbook Dr., Greenwood, SC 29646 (803/223-7979) 
Morrison, Susan 6100 Castlebrook. Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/876-8478) 
Moser Page 1916 Shirley Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 (919/584-7553) 
Moss Warwick 3302 Turnbridge Dr., Raleigh NC 27609 (919/782-1910) 
Moue Lisa P.O. Box 26. Maury. NC 28554 (919/747-3638) 
Murray Tanya 122 N. Lord Ashley Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610 (919/755-1080) 
Myatt Anna 2530 Dartmouth Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28304 (919/484-0405) 
Nanney. Kathv 3301 Landor Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-7989) 
Nelli, Jeanne Marie 3239 Imperial Dr., Gastonia, NC 28052 (704/864-6632) 
Nimocks, Elisabeth 1521 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Parker Helen 227 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/332-5780) 
Patton Lea 516 6th St., N.W., Hickory, NC 28601 (704/327-2968) 
Payne Lydia 3442 West Ridge Rd., Roanoke, VA 24014 (703/343-3566) 
Peete Xandy 42 Beverly Dr., Durham. NC 27707 (919/489-2889) 
Finer Meg 118 Moore St., Beaufort, NC 28516 (919/728-4794) 
Plummer Cathy 4601 Westminster Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/876-0249) 
Price Paige 610 Dogwood Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 (803/449-3609) 
Renegar Carla 1035 Vienna Forest Dr., Pfafftown, NC 27040 (919/945-9134) 
Riddick Ginnv 1221 Cheshire Lane, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-2480) 
Rooks Kellv P.O. Box 1044, Whiteville, NC 28472 (919/642-4210) 
Rosenbaum, Betty 3024 Brechin Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/868-1114) 
Rouse Elizabeth 317 Woodcliff Rd.. Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-3649) 
Saunders, Hope Box 309, Aulander, NC 27805 (919/345-2851) 
Saivyer Kathy Rt. 2, Box 17-N, Ahoskie, NC 27910 (919/332-3723) 
Scoff Nancy 3106 Amherst Ave., Burl.ngton, NC 27215 (919/584-8834) 
Sevison, Kimber 103 Venus Dr., Newark, DE 19711 (302/239-5493) 
Simmons, Mary Keehln 202 E. Baker. Tarboro. NC 27886 (919/823-3243) 
Sloan, Lindsav 701 Short Dr., Washington, NC 27889 (919/946-2453) 
Smith Colleen 4352 Silo Lane, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/366-5962) 


Smith, Bonner 201 55th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (804/428-2253) 
Smith, Susanne 2113 Morris Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22903 (804/295-4822) 
Stephenson, lean 1509 Banbury Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28304 (919/484-8730) 
Stephenson, Katherjne Longstreet Rd., Weldon. NC 27890 (919/536-4566) 
Stevens, Agnes Rt. 3, Box 607, Dudley. NC 28333 (919/736-3023) 
Stockton, Debby 6293 Mountain Brook Way. N.W., Atlanta, GA 30328 

Stott, Sandy 214 Chowan Dr.. Greenville. NC 27834 (919/756-5395) 
Straight, Susan 205 Johnston St., Savannah, Ga 31405 (912/354-6520) 
Teta, Ann 200 Laums St., Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919/542-4755) 
Thacker, Annetta Rt. 1, Box 2. Clayton. NC 27520 (919/553-7260) 
Thomas. Rose Lynn 110 N. Anderson St.. Morganton, NC 28655 

Thompson, Patty 3958 E. Brookhaven Dr.. Atlanta, GA 30319 (404/233-6206) 
Thompson, Susie 6 Emerald Lane, Gastonia. NC 28052 (704/866-9975) 
Toledano, Cary 1236 Idlewood Rd.. Asheboro. NC 27203 (919/629-1636) 
Turner, Jill 44 Lake Forest Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29302 (803/585-3807) 
Turner, Karen Country Club Rd„ Weldon, NC 27890 (919/536-4483) 
Underwood, Missy 311 Pineland Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919/734-6354) 
Van Meter. Carlisle 811 Boonesboro, Winchester, KY 40391 (606/744-1597) 
Van Pelt. Val 4718 Connell Dr., Raleigh. NC 27612 (919/782-2188) 
Vestal, Sara 2313 Ridge Road, Raleigh. NC 27612 (919/787-9021) 
Walker, Gwynn 2833 Montieello Dr.. Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Wall, Frances Twin Valley Estates. Pilot Mountain, NC 27041 (919/368-2848) 
Waller. Garland 651 Museum Dr.. Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/375-3852) 
Walser. Carolyn 115 Magnolia Rd., Lexington. NC 27292 (704/246-4616) 
Watlington, Dawn 24 Albemarle Ave., Richmond, VA 23226 (804/285-1008) 
Whisnant, Jackie Rt. 10, Box FC1.5. Hickory, NC 28601 (704/327-4267) 
Wiggins. Valeria 7100 Bellweather Ct, Raleigh. NC 27609 (919/872-1350) 
Williams. Julie 2004 Raeford Rd„ Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-5515) 
Williams. Laura P.O. Box 202. Mt. Olive, NC 2836.5 (919/658-3122) 
Williams, Margaret 3508 Chaucer PL, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-1440) 
Womble. Kelly 3720 Lassiter Mill Rd.. Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-4989) 
Wood. Hannah Rt. 7. Box 221, Lincolnton, NC 28092 (704/732-1749) 
Zevenhuizen. Katie 3717 Williamsborough Ct.. Raleigh, NC 27609 

Zollicoffer, Kim Woodland Rd., Henderson, NC 27.536 (919/438-8184) 


Adams, Amy Adams Ranch. Rt. 1, Maple Hill. K.\ 66507 (913/633-2532) 
Alexander. Mary 4717 Pemberton Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/872-3707) 
Allen. Sherry 4800 Kyle Dr.. Raleigh. N.C. 27604 (919/876-6660) 
Apostolou. Karen 3.320 Allendale St., Roanoke. VA 24014 (703/344-8971) 
Atwill, Eva Box 215. Whitakers, NC 27891 (919/437-6861) 
Babh. Marti 803 Holt Dr., Raleigh. NC 27608 (919/832-1150) 
Baker. Dial 3112 Cornwall Road, Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-3553) 
Bland, Aura 1516 Pine Bluff Ave., Orlando. FL 32806 (305/894-4875) 
Bridgers, Mary Clyde 9 Davie Cir., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919/929-3308) 
Brier, Amy 1037 Confederate Ave.. Salisbury. NC 28144 (704/636-7980) 
Britt, Byrd P.O. Box 1387. Lumberton, NC 28358 (919/738-2877) 
Brooks. Tricia 409 Bradley Creek Point Rd., Wilmington, NC 28401 

Brothers. Lisa 2223 Glenwood Rd., Gastonia. NC 28052 (704/864-0314) 
Broun. Page 303 Meadowbrook Terrace, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Bnmn. Grace 600 Lakeview Dr., Murfreesboro, NC 27855 (919/398-4806) 
Burrows, Lauren 408 Hillandale Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-6513) 
Caldwell, Becka P.O. Box 701. Southern Pines, NC 28387 (919/692-7719) 
Chminger. Paula 508 McSwain, Dallas, NC 28034 (704/922-7009) 
Conlry. Owen P.O. Box 633. Jackson. NC 27845 (919/534-3781) 
Culbertson, Laura 638 Museum Dr.. Charlotte, NC 28207 (704/375-4060) 
Daniels. Lee Jan P.O. Box 1592, Statesville, NC 28677 (704/872-9944) 
Davenport, Elizabeth P.O. Drawer 988, Nashville, NC 27856 (919/459-2160) 
Davis, Elizabeth 530 Rayburn Rd.. Wake Forest, NC 27587 (919/556-2679) 
Davis, True 608 W. Barrington St., Dunn, N.C 28334 (919/892-7557) 
Dubose, Valinda 3909 Nottaway Road. Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-3501) 
Eddins, Susan 518 Arden of Argonne, N.W.. Atlanta, GA 30305 (404/266-8928) 
Fain y, Marjorie All Sts. Rd„ Litchfld. Plant., Pawleys Isl., SC 29585 

Fleming. Susan 1108 Salem Street, Wilson, NC 27893 (919/243-2750) 
Floyd, Meg 603 S. Main St.. Fairmont. NC 28340 (919/628-7051) 
Floyd, Ruthie P.O. Box 909. Hartsville, SC 29.550 (803/332-3404) 
Fowler, Ann. 1216 Rutledge Ave., Florence, SC 29501 (803/665-7428) 
I r, ihu titer, Carla P.O. Box 832, Swansboro, NC 28584 (919/326-4586) 

Fussel. Ellen 3412 Malibu Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607 (919/782-9334) 
Gaddy. Tucker 205 Drummond Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-0664) 
Gilbert, Anne 2001 Hillock Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-6888) 
Glover. Julie Star Rt., Box 143, Bloucester Point, VA 23062 (804/642-2203) 
Granberry, Gayle 4509 Gates Street, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-3522) 
Gregory, Blanche P.O. Box 148, Scotland Neck, NC 27874 (919/826-4330) 
Hart, Deborah 3410 Windsor Dr., New Bern, NC 28560 (919/638-5943) 
Hines, Coles Sycamore, Edenton, NC 27932 (919/482-2775) 
Holland. Cindy 1405 St. Andrew St., Tarboro, NC 27886 (919/823-2649) 
Holloman, Spier 1110 Church Street, Scotland Neck, NC 27874 

Horton, Shari 900 St. Andrew St., Tarboro, NC 27886 (919/823-4502) 
Hudson. Ann 127 Dunedin Ct., Cary, NC 27511 (919/467-8211) 
Huff. Mimi 1824 Summitt Rd., Henderson, NC 27.536 (919/438-5422) 
Isenhour. Wyn 333 Richmond Rd., Salisbury, NC 28144 (704/633-9582) 
Johnson. Lee 1005 St. Mary's St., Raleigh, NC 27605 (919/832-0809) 
Johnson. Margie 1001 Marlowe Rd„ Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-1097) 
Kidd, Cindy 1214 Kingwood Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/876-3062) 
King. Ann 1911 Martin Dr., Pocahontas, AR 72455 (501/892-3172) 
King. Sally 2700 Kingsley Rd., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-5372) 
Landess. Suzy 3934 Wendy Lane, Raleigh. NC 27606 (919/851-3480) 
Laurence. Pat Box 563, Seven Lakes, West End, NC 27376 
Lewis, Jenny P.O. Box 552, Madison, GA 30650 (404/342-1561) 
Lewis, Lynn 318 Gravely Drive. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 (919/443-2053) 
Lewis, Pam 1008 Currituck Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-1256) 
Loser, Jennifer 705 Staley Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-7309) 
Manning. Carol 4812 Connell Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-9665) 
Mason, Snow 501 Rosewood Dr.. Florence, SC 29501 (803/662-6673) 
Massie. Donna 503 Charlotte St., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919/443-3531) 
Mattocks, Beth 3449 Kenwick Tr„ Roanoke, VA 24018 (703/774-0891) 
Mcintosh. Shawn Rt. 4, Box 12, Mebane, NC 27302 (919/563-6147) 
McKenzie. Nancy 2525 W. Innes St.. Salisbury, NC 28144 (704/633-2328) 
McLaurin. Mary Anne P.O. Box 24.5, Bethune, SC 29009 (803/334-6400) 
Miller. Susanna 7009 Tanbark Way, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/876-4863) 
Minges. Laura P.O. Box 192, Rocky Mount. NC 27801 (919/443^172) 
Moore, Heidi P.O. Box 1232 Martinsville, VA 24112 (703/632-3878) 
Moore, Leigh 4115 Rockingham, Raleigh, NC 27609 (703/632-3878) 
Munson. Jennie 8916 O'Neal Road. Raleigh. NC 27612 (919/782-3092) 
Nichols, Lisa 24 Kimberly Drive. Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-1820) 
Oates, Kathy Camp Kahdalea for Girls, Rt. 2, Brevard, NC 28712 

O'Connor. Chrissy 1108 Ditchley Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Parrish, Cashie 1602 Wellons Ave., Dunn, NC 28334 (919/892-7765) 
Pate. Katharine P.O. Box 1736, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (919/276-2530) 
Peden, Sophie P.O. Box 464, Hickory, NC 28601 (704/327-2636) 
Pcdiaditakis, Nicole 5100 Leadmine Road, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-0710) 
Peebles. Lucy 110 E. 5th St., Lawrenceville, VA 23868 (804/848-2349) 
Pittman. Parti 3022 N. Fairway Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 (919/584-7979) 
Pratt, Tosh P.O. Box 991, Beaufort, SC 29902 (803/524-4946) 
Prichard. Holly 625 S. Lakewide Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27606 (919/851-3465) 
Ragsdale, Liza 329 East Main Street, Lake City, SC 29560 (803/394-3348) 
Reeder. I'Ans 3129 Sussex Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 (919/787-4674) 
Rodman, Ellen Rt. 5, Box 151, Washington, NC 27889 (919/946-3100) 
Rogers, Karen 8705 Cliff Top Ct„ Raleigh. NC 27612 (919/782-2389) 
Ross. Polly 3716 Eton Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-6028) 
Sakiewicz, Linda 300 Westridge Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-8525) 
Sanders. Caroline Rt. 2, Box 457. Frogmore, SC 29920 (803/838-2174) 
Schulken. Susan 1 12 West College St., Whiteville, NC 28472 (919/642-3770) 
Schultz, Duvall 601 St. Andrews St.. Tarboro. NC 27886 (919/823-7419) 
Sigmon. Anne 3617 Alamance Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2518) 
Smith. Cindy 2531 Glenwood Avenue. Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/781-0241) 
Smith, Elizabeth 2303 Canal Dr., Wilson, NC 27893 (919/243-6729) 
Steinberg, Linda 30 Pinto Ct.. Spartanburg, SC 29302 (803/579-3274) 

Sullivan, Kim P.O. Box 406, Southern Pines, NC 28387 (919/692-8556) 
Tate, Lynn 3520 Canterbury Rd., New Bern, NC 28560 (919/637-4217) 
Taylor, Lauren 235 Country Club Drive, Greenville, NC 27834 

Tolman, Susan 4213 Converse Drive, Raleigh. NC 27609 (919/787-3097) 
Trent, Margie 908 Hunting Ridge, Martinsville, VA 24112 (703/632-1425) 
Turner, Ruthie 2521 White Oak Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-0190) 
Vance, Em Box 6320-Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 
Walters, Betty Lynn 612 East Academy St., Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Wannamaker, Mary Jo P.O. Box 194, St. Matthews, SC 29135 (803/874-2153) 
Ward, Sandra 40 Kensington St., Lumberton, NC 28358 (919/738-5437) 
Ware, Sally 115 Lowood Lane, Greenville, SC 29605 (803/233-8098) 
Werman, Claudia 114 N. Bloodworth St., Raleigh, NC 27601 (919/821-3389) 
Wilcox, Mary 3202 Round Hill Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/288-1465) 
Williams, Elizabeth 808 Lakestone Drive, Raleigh. NC 27609 (919/782-2277) 
Williams, Jackie P.O. Box 2372, Raleigh, NC 27602 (919/834-8350) 
Woodson, Martha 2805 Lakeview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2424) 
Wooren, Claudia 114 N. College St., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/523-8553) 
Wooten, Edith 1100 Marlowe Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2127) 
Zaytoun, Michele 3353 Alleghany Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-4525) 


Baker, Randy Rt. 3, Box 104, Carthage, NC 28327 (919/295-6054) 
Barndt, Vanessa 3906 Yadkin Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-3929) 
Belcher, Susie 501 Barborosa Ln., Princeton, WV 24740 (304/487-1650) 
Bennett, Terry 620 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27104 (919/723-5927) 
Blackburn, Rosemary Rt. 2, Box N, Warsaw, NC 28398 (919/293-4491) 
Bridger, Amy 1012 Reedy Creek Rd., Cary NC 87511 (919/469-1212) 
Brogden, Susan 1406 Shepherd St., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-2438) 
Call, Cathy 3700 Hillandale Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-5075) 
Capps, Karla 6121 84th Ave., New Carrollton, MD 20784 (301/577-0821) 
Cockrell, Caroline 3310 Alamance Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-0234) 
Conner, Gina Box 369, Oxford, MD 21654 (301/226-5143) 
Currin, Marsha 3424 Huntleigh Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/876-3506) 
Davis, Cathy 708 Staley Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-0267) 
Derreth, Eve 112 King William, Raleigh, NC 27610 (919/755-1833) 
Dial, Mary Doris Rt. 2, Box 402-B, Pembroke, NC 28372 (919/521-4638) 
Dickens, Kelly P.O. Box 156, Halifax, NC 27839 (919/583-6351) 
Dillard, Hamer St. Mary's College, Raleigh, NC 27611 (919/755-1617) 
Dixon, Nancy 906 Moran Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 (919/299-8871) 
Drake , Parti 5216 Coronado Dr., Raleigh, NC (919/782-2102) 
Finch, JoEllen 600 Glen Eden Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-5562) 
Fountain, Valerie 104 Gregg St., Farmville, NC 27828 (919/753-2416) 
Gardner, Lynn 970 16th Ave. PL, N.W., Hickory, NC 26801 (704/322-7303) 
Carfis, Lisa 9012 Longstreet Dr., Manassas, VA 22110 (703/368-2264) 
Greer, Suzanne 5215 Coronado Ct., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2300) 
Hafer, Kathy 1821 St. Mary's St., Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/828-1512) 
Halifax, Celeste 1201 Watergate Ct„ Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/876-5040) 
Hardy, Melanie 1803 Cambridge Dr., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/523-1522) 
Harris, Amy Rt. 1, Box 557-C, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/781-5430) 
Haynes, Leigh Ann 1205 Kershaw Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-2009) 
Henderson, Amelia 2820 Country Club Ln., Charlotte, NC 28205 

Herring, Jasteel Rt. 3, 4 Leon Rd., Nashville, NC 27856 (919/443-2655) 
Holman, Ann 1905 Winterlochen, Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-5180) 
Holroyd, Mary Jacque 1438 Main St., Princeton, WV 24740 (304/425-5694) 
Hudgins, Polly 1102 Plantation Rd., Martinsville, VA 24112 (703/632-5996) 
Huggins, Nancy 1700 North Pine St., Lumberton, NC 28358 (919/739-3763) 
Hutaff, Martha 2866 Skye Dr.. Fayetteville, NC 28303 (919/484-3239) 
Hutchinson, Susan 301 Summertime Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Ives, Tanya 5307 Trentwoods Dr., New Bern, NC 28560 (919/633-0872) 
Jones, Annetta 2120 White Oak Rd„ Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/782-2143) 
Jones, Helen 2908 Wycliff Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607 (919/787-5635) 
Kluttz, Carmen 4724 Connell Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/787-1011) 
Kozma, Carol 604 Lakestone Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-1109) 
Langhorne, Molly 1607 Brookland Parkway, Richmond, VA 23227 

Lea, Jennifer 525 Dogwood Dr., Danville, VA 24541 (804-793-1144) 
Lyday, Nancy 3506 Keats PI., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-4137) 
Machen, Cindy 1200 Hillwood Ct., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/876-2114) 
Marshall, Linda 3631 Alleghany Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2943) 
McCabe, Kaky 3224 Landor Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-2265) 
McCrary, Kate 2410 Oakwood Rd., Burlington. NC 27215 (919/584-6361) 

McCraw, Valerie 246 Shasta Ln.. Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/364-1370) 
McLemore, Regan 1704 Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/485-7790) 
Mercer, Jayne 2101 Canal Dr., Wilson, NC 27893 (919/291-0785) 
Miller, Amy 406 Timberlane Dr., Mt. Holly, NC 28120 (704/827-5738) 
Miller, Conley 1455 Pine Valley Loop, Fayetteville, NC 28305 (919/484-8165) 
Miller, Susan 4008 Brownstone Cir., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-2519) 
Moore, Sandra 2121 S. Miami Blvd., Durham. NC 27703 (919/596-2496) 
Morrison, Kathy 5914 Overlea Rd., Bethesda, MD 20016 (301/229-1547) 
Nelson, Missy 2337 Lathrop Ln., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/365-30.54) 
Nuckles, Jenny Rt. 3, Box 298D, Wake Forest, NC 27587 (919/556-3636) 
O'Leary, Treva 1930 Pinewood Cir., Charlotte, NC 28211 (704/364-6598) 
O'Neal, Michelle 809 Buckle Ct., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-9404) 
Onero, Tina 3301 New Hope Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/872-1881) 
Packer, Kathy 2521 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27608 (919/782-4741) 
Parker, Debbie 3912 Ingram Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919/876-3410) 
Parker, Janie 416 Drummond Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-3129) 
Parrott, Jeannette 1202 Sweet Briar Cir., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/523-4728) 
Patrick, Angela Rt. 9, Box 329, Greenville, NC 27834 (919/756-3714) 
Patrick, Elizabeth 2218 Stallings Dr., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/522-4250) 
Patterson, Elizabeth 2102 Greenbriar Rd., Kinston, NC 28501 (919/523-6947) 
Pearson, Barbara 285 Cliff Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387 (919/692-2738) 
Peete, Marianna 2814 Chelsea Cir., Durham, NC 27707 (919/489-0219) 
Powell, Stephanie 609 Tanglewood Cir., Roxboro, NC 27573 (919/599-9384) 
Redmond, Laure Apt. 8137-C, 3301 W. Esplande Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 

Rice, Sarah St. Mary's College, Raleigh. NC 27611 (919/821-7457) 
Seawell, Katie 2320 Danbury Rd., Greensboro, NC 27408 (919/274-4478) 
Smith, Cameron 408 Drummond Dr., Raleigh. NC 27609 (919/782-2224) 
Speer, Ann 81 Cooper Glen, Huntington, WV 25701 (304/525-2244) 
Stoffel, Mary Ann P.O. Box 205, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (803/272-6281) 
Stokes, Erwin Rt. 4, Box 304, LaGrange, NC 28551 (919/566-3472) 
Stowe, Mary 1003 Montpelier Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 (919/294-2049) 
Tyler, Boo 3400 Landor Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/782-2151) 
Vaeth, Foo 1117 York Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (804/428-7203) 
Via, Elizabeth 7401 Fiesta Way, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/872-7768) 
Watkins, Treva 612 Marlowe Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919/787-5587) 
Wheeler, Karen Rt. 3, Box 1 14-A, Zebulon, NC 27597 (919/269-9290) 
Wilkinson, Terri 515 Forest Heights Dr., Marion, NC 28752 (704/652-6085) 
Williams. Lee P.O. Box 561, Clinton, NC 28328 (919/592-8888) 
Wilson, Angie Box 910, Smithfield, NC 27577 (919/934-2096) 
Wilson. Margi 8309 Lakewood Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919/781-6183) 
Woltz, Rita 315 Handley Ave., Winchester, VA 22601 (703/662-2229) 
Woodruff, Debbie 4500 Country Club Rd., New Bern, NC 28560 





Dr. Royster, our college 
physician, decided to 
retire after 25 years of 
devoted service to SMC. 
Doctor Royster came to 
SMC in 1952 with his 
lovely wife Phoebe who is 
an alumna of SMC "28". 
Both his sister and 
sister-in-law are 
alumnae. Dr. and Mrs. 
Royster have two boys age 
30 and 33. 

When asked about his 
tenure at SMC, he replied, 
"It was a bright spot in my 
life." Dr. Royster attended 
UNC and Cornell Medical 
Schools. St. Mary's has 

doubled its size since he 
arrived. He said the girls 
had changed in that they 
are more concerned with 
what is going on around 

Dr. Royster is very 
pleased with his 
replacement, Dr. Hubert 
B. Haywood III., whose 
grandfather preceeded Dr. 
Royster as a physician at 

Dr. Royster We salute 
you for the good health 
services you provided us 
here at S.M.C., and we 
wish you happiness for the 



*£,rsyvi» I 




I thought about 

you today Not 

like before as 

friends But 

more like a 

sister Someone 

closer And not 

as it began 

Before Before 

we knew each 

other well Our 

seldom glances 

showed weary 

thoughts Of 

things to come 

They came The 

time brought 

warmth As sun 

brings light 

Each day It 

cleared my 

heart The way 

The way we 

used to do alone 

And tomorrow 

Do things the 

same Not the 

way they were 

But the way 

thev are Today 




A song to sing. 
Live and love, 
for her days 
pass quickly. 
Open your 
minds to her gift 
of learning and 
Invite her joy 
and excitement 
into your heart. 
Best and find 
peace within 
her walls and 
She will reward 
you. Strive to do 
your best and 
Do not let her 
down Because 
she loves you 
and Gives you 
her best. 




The STAGECOACH is compiled to remind us of our lasting contribution to the St. Mary's 
community. It is a special book which is preserved by the students, faculty, and administration 
in order to insure an accurate composite of the St. Mary's spirit. But, the STAGECOACH 
would not exist if there were not people who were willing to give a little bit extra of 
themselves in order to make this book a little more precious than all the others. As editor of the 
STAGECOACH, I would never have been able to construct this book of memories alone. 
Every student, every faculty member, and every administrator has contributed selflessly in 
order to preserve this school spirit. At this time I would like to thank my yearbook staff and the 
St. Mary's community as a whole for contributing these memories; but, I especially want to 
thank those individuals who gave that extra portion to make the STAGECOACH the reflection 
of the spirit of our 1978-1979 St. Mary's community. 

Mr. Joseph Allegood 

Mr. Keith Barnes 

Mrs. Georgette Campbell 

Mr. B.W. Conrad 

Mr. Windel Crawley 

Dr. Marcia Jones 

Miss Mittie Denise Landi 

Miss Robin Redding 

All the ladies in the Business Office 

All the nurses in the Infirmary 
And Most especially my family and my friends who never let me down and who were always 
there to give me the strength and support I needed. 

Elise Ward 


' jr 

Stagecoach 1978-1979 39i+31 

Not to be taken from this room